Af/Pak & Libya News (11/8/2011)

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Nov 8, 2011, 4:35:06 PM11/8/11
Afghan roadside bomb 'kills 11':

Bin Laden successor making limited impact, say analysts:

And They Have Nukes:

Attacking the drug trade with the Super Cobra:

VAQ-209 returns home from Afghanistan:

Allies Absent in Afghanistan - Helicopters Hired:

Secret US 'Jedi' ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid:

Petraeus Gone, Afghan Air War Plummets:


Libya news:

If asked, NATO could provide training for Libya: US:

Tunisian court orders ex-Libyan PM extradited:

ICRC to clear explosives from Libya's Sirte, Bani Walid:

New Libya faces mountain of grievances:


And, in other news:

UN nuclear agency points finger at Iran:

UN says 3,500 dead so far in Syria uprising:

In Africa, New Radios Help Fight US-Hunted Militia:

Iran Guard to Retaliate if Leaders Killed:,8599,2098925,00.html

Army’s Tiny Flea-Bot Can Jump 24 Feet High:

New light machine gun aims to ‘SAW’ Soldiers’ load:

How to Bring Down an Ultra-Light - Non-Lethally:

Army Rushes To Test Tactical Radio Replacements At NIE:

Darpa Looks to Protect Drones From Hack Attacks:

Key US senators warn China on military parts:

Counterfeit Parts Found on P-8 Posiedons:

USAF in the 2020s -- F-15s, F-16s ... and U-2s?:

EADS North America’s first Security and Support Battalion-equipped
Lakota begins operational service:

Raytheon to Modernize USAF’s Cryptographic Units:

Iraq's Air Defense Gap:

Taiwan Hawkeye Aircraft Head to U.S. for Upgrade:

Lockheed Martin to Modernize 29 USAF Early Warning Long-Range
Surveillance Radars:

Army Tests Raise Questions About Heavier Humvees; 'We Don't Know If
They Can Do It':

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Hits Max Speed:

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