Af/Pak & Other News (12/8/2020)

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Dec 8, 2020, 12:40:31 PM12/8/20
US-based group: Dramatic increase in Afghan gov’t airstrikes

U.S. and Afghan forces target Al Qaeda in the south

The Taliban are megarich – here’s where they get the money they use to wage war in Afghanistan

U.S. Leaves Behind Afghan Bases — and a Legacy of Land Disputes

Behind the Taliban’s ties to al-Qaeda: A shared ideology and decades of battlefield support

China sends warplanes, troops for drill in Pakistan

US allies around the world are acting like Iran is going to attack Jewish sites as revenge for its nuclear scientist's assassination, and that it's happening soon

IS Built up Arsenal After ‘Red Flags’ Ignored: Study

Aerial Assassinations Are Now Commonplace In Iraq And Syria

China Set to Bail Out Iraq with Multibillion-Dollar Oil Deal

Turkey orders 304 military detained over suspected coup ties

Egyptian Army Says Killed 40 Suspected Jihadists in Sinai

Libya’s east-based forces seize Turkish-owned vessel

Turkey condemns seizure of vessel by east Libyan forces

Russia-Sudan Sign Agreement on Creating Logistics Center in Red Sea City

U.S. thinks Eritrea has joined Ethiopian war, diplomats say

Russian Helicopters claims Ukrainian enterprises illegitimately overhaul Afghan Mi-17 helicopters

Russian Army to receive first batch of T-14 Armata tanks in 2021

Thieves Broke Into Russia’s Il-80 Doomsday Plane

Mercenary Says Kremlin's Wagner Group Recruiting Inexperienced Fighters

The NSA Warns That Russia Is Attacking Remote Work Platforms

Sputnik vaccine aims to bolster Russia's geopolitical influence

NATO announces readiness of new special operations command

Turkish troops to take part in Karabakh victory parade in Azerbaijan

Interview: Thomas De Waal On What's Next For Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian-Azerbaijani Relations

Norway accuses Russian hackers of parliament attack

Counter-Terrorism: Image Of Death

France to build new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Flooding Threatens To Put New British Carrier Out Of Action For Six Months

Randy sailors blamed as Covid outbreak hits Navy’s Faslane nuclear submarine

Post-Doklam, China developing military camps in depth areas along LAC

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

Red alert: Chinese boast of operatives 'inside America's core circle of power'

Report: China, North Korea trading coal in violation of sanctions

North Korea: Deadly Information

Indonesian Air Force KAI KT-1 Training Aircraft Crashes In Yogyakarta region, Both Pilots Ejected Safely

Watch Crew Eject From An Australian Super Hornet After An Aborted Takeoff

Pilot Chuck Yeager Dies At 97, Had 'The Right Stuff' And Then Some

The monolith mystery continues: More copycat structures pop up in Pittsburgh, England, California

Here's What's In New Guidelines For Defending Infrastructure Against Drone Attacks

Pot-Smoking Missile Engineer Accused of Leaking Secrets for Revenge

Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians

An ‘unprecedented’ number of people at Fort Hood will face disciplinary action in wake of report

Biden picks retired general Lloyd Austin as first Black Pentagon chief

This Navy helicopter pilot has been chosen to be the first woman to command a US aircraft carrier

Defense Department Looking Beyond 5G

Battery startup QuantumScape claims breakthrough

These Three Companies Will Build Drones To Carry The Air Force's "Skyborg" AI Computer Brain

F-15 ACTIVE: This Frankenstein fighter was better than the Eagle

Space Force declares anti-spoofing GPS signal operational

First U.S. Air Force C-21A Aircraft with Delta Fin Modification Returns to Service

These Bizarre Infrared Pods Put Missile Seekers And Countermeasures To The Test

Counterterrorism setback: ‘Armed Overwatch’ is stalled again

The Air Force's Brand New HH-60W Rescue Helicopters Already Need Major Upgrades

Collins Aerospace Completes Modernization of U.S. Navy’s E-6B Block I Doomsday Plane Fleet

Navy Wants to go "Way Faster" Adding Lasers Weapons to Warships

The US Navy wants to find ships to kill using aerial drones launched from submarines

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