Jetta vs. Camry

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Julie Alterio

Aug 21, 2002, 9:27:20 PM8/21/02
I have test-driven the Jetta, and really like it. The ride was fun,
the interior looks are great and it strikes me as a youthful car,
which is nice. The Camry, by contrast, was a little bland, but it's
much bigger and Toyota has top reliability ratings. Both would cost
the same. What do you WV owners say?


Aug 21, 2002, 10:49:55 PM8/21/02

>From: (Julie Alterio)

It really depends on what you want to do?
1. Now do you want to DRIVE a car?
2. Be bored and just get from point A to B?

If you are in the #2 category and cheap, Ahem...excuse me frugal, then buy the

If you are an exciting person, love to drive cars, want to keep the car for a
very long time, don't mind an occasional repair............Go for the Jetta!!

Which engine was in the Jetta when you did you test drive?

Remember you are the youngest you will ever be right now!


Tony Bad

Aug 22, 2002, 4:48:37 PM8/22/02
Hmmmm...what do you think a group of VW enthusiasts would say. There is no denying the quality and reliability of toyota and brands
like honda, however, like you, I find their basic models dull. I know there are Hondas/Acuras that have a higher excitement factor,
but even the plain old Jetta seems more fun to drive that cars like a camry or accord.

If fun is important, get the jetta. If you want a car that will probably give you less drama (good and bad) go with the toyota.

Tony Bad

02 Jetta Wagon
01 Eurovan MV
95 Golf 2.0
91 Jetta 1.6 Diesel
86 Jetta
79 Rabbit 1.5 Diesel (semi-retired for now)
Schwinn Continental 10 Speed
Radio Flyer Pedal Car (my daughter made me add this)

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Tom Osbon

Aug 26, 2002, 7:43:29 PM8/26/02
to can always dress it up

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Tian Liu

Aug 26, 2002, 10:37:25 PM8/26/02

"Tom Osbon" <> wrote in message

Tony Bad

Aug 27, 2002, 10:20:30 AM8/27/02
You can also put earrings on a pig, but it is still a pig (;^D)

Tony Bad

02 Jetta Wagon
01 Eurovan MV
95 Golf 2.0
91 Jetta 1.6 Diesel
86 Jetta
79 Rabbit 1.5 Diesel (semi-retired for now)
Schwinn Continental 10 Speed
Radio Flyer Pedal Car (my daughter made me add this)

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Aug 28, 2002, 1:30:32 AM8/28/02
I have owned Hondas and a Toyota too. They are very reliable, but never
fun to drive. They get great gas mileage. They get me oh-so-simply to my
destination. They look boring. they drive boring. Everyone seems to have
one, as do Jettas.(Unless, of course, you are one of those many fools that
thinks your asian car looks/performs better with after market parts like
gas-expansion mufflers-custom manifolds-gay airplane spoilers-japanese vinyl
stickers that say MOMO...go to to see what I mean) I
*ALWAYS* beat those guys in a street race, BTW.

In my asian cars, I was always wishing they had more performance, so
when a pal was selling his 2001 VW Jetta VR6 with Luxury leather and Sport
package ( stiffer suspension, sway bars, Michelin H-rated tires that corner
wayyy better than stock tires) I jumped at the offer to buy it. I have not
regretted it. I cus at the sub-standard gas mileage and the 91 octane
requirement, but so do ALL V6 luxury car owners that aren't rich. =^) see
the "note" below .

If you want a car that sacrifices some fuel economy/Consumer reports rating
in favor of being able to drive like a BMW and look sexy, get the Jetta. If
you wanna be*sensible*, get the friggin Camry...just don't expect yourself
to feel excited to zip around in yer Toyota.

NOTE: Do not overlook the performance increase by getting a Jetta with the
"sport" package.It is well worth the money spent! Also: the VR6 is a
performance ride you *have* to test drive! This can turn an average jetta
into a mini-BMW.

A WORD OF CAUTION: you should know that MOST 6 cylinder cars get crap (
15-23 mpg) gas mileage compared to 4 cylinder cars, so if economy is a
factor, get a 4-cyl. car. Asian OR german.

A lesson I have learned the hard way: The good feeling you got from saving
money on your car purchase will be forgotten in a year when you have to
drive LESS of a car than the one you really wanted. Get what you want. To
hell with sensibility.

"Thank you, and come again!" - DirtyRAT

"Julie Alterio" <> wrote in message

Mr. Underhill

Aug 28, 2002, 10:00:17 PM8/28/02
Well said. I am continually wishing I had saved the money and gotten a
Mercedes C coupe or BMW 3 series. My Golf 1.8T is a good compromise of
a car, but I'm continually wishing I had spent the extra money and
gotten a Daimler or BMW.


Sep 5, 2002, 8:42:23 PM9/5/02
Not the same class cars. Passat is in Camry range. I know of V6 Camrys
having engine oil failures @ 45K miles and up as where VW engine rarely have
failures. Also Toyota services aren't cheap, at least any cheaper than VW.

Gary Stier

Sep 5, 2002, 11:49:21 PM9/5/02
Most press I've seen lately seems to indicate Honda & Toyota are gunning for GM,
Ford & DCX in the passenger car markets. What I've seen/experienced in Toyota &
Honda in the past few years is a 'dumbing down' or homoginizing effect - the
Accord & Camry are, in my view anyway, better engineered and built then the
domestics BUT seem to have lost their edge in their concerted rush to be "more
American" - VW on the other hand continues to hone handling and performance to
the point where it is really the only car line that is, across the board, a
driver's car.

We drove an 02 Passat GLX V6 Standard the other day and everyone was very
favourably impressed with the experience. There are some cars w/ more hp but few
w/ the combo of balance, room, finish, handling, reasonable economics (purchase
& operational) and grin factor. That I agree is the better comparison to a Camry
and I think the Camry is second by a fair bit - if you are a "driver".

Having said all that - Jetta GLS 1.8T M5 w/ the sport lux pkge is my choice -
I'm down to picking between a fast sedan or the cool 'sport wagen' - I'm
thinking that for CDN$1200 more then the sedan the sw is the hot ticket

Any way - just one more VW-cult member's opinion

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