Need help with a 2002 Saturn Sc1

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May 11, 2015, 9:18:01 AM5/11/15
Have a 2002 Saturn SC1, got it used for $1800, had a few
problems with it, it shakes very badly, especially with
the A/C turned off,
but that isn't what concerned me so much as the stalling
and the most recent issue, it started jerking. Last night I was
headed home from work, I was riding about 35-40 mph and had my foot on the
accelerator, just barely putting pressure on it, just enough
to slowly accelerate. That's when it jerks, at max acceleration
there is no problem, but when you are just barely pressing
the accelerator pedal,
it jerks. Not like you are driving over a washboard,
just a very light, jerking,
I'm not sure how to describe it, it feels like it's hesitating,
have recently changed:
Throttle Position Sensor
IAC Valve
Fuel Filter
Spark Plugs and Wires last July or August I can't remember which
Also a new battery and starter
Another issue is the other day I stopped at an intersection,
and when it was
clear I pressed the accelerator, and the car didn't move, it just
revved the engine,
I put it in neutral, and back in drive (it's an automatic)
pressed the gas pedal, it revved up to 2000 rpms then took off,
but not a smooth take off, a big jerk and then it took off,
checked transmission fluid and it was fine, any suggestions?
Please help, thanks in advance! 😊

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May 11, 2015, 5:04:28 PM5/11/15
>Please help, thanks in advance! ?

A couple things to check come to mind.

It has been a while since you replaces the plug wires, but double
check that you have the #1 and #4 wires plugged into the correct coil
towers. On any other car it wouldn't matter, since they fire from the
same coil, but the S-Series uses the #1 wire as a "cam sensor"
reference. Switching #1 & #4 will cause "jerking" as you describe it,
usually only after the engine warms up, and when accelerating from a
stop - but it's definitely worth a look.

The revving issue may be related to another known quirk of the
S-Series - specifically the automatic versions. Google "Saturn
reverse slam fix" for more details. And change the transmission
filter - if you haven't tried that yet.

Good luck.
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