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2007 Sautrn Aura Mods & Customizations

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Mar 30, 2016, 1:18:01 PM3/30/16
Hello my name is Fabian and this is my first time on the Forum, I am looking
to modify my Saturn as I already have it on rims limo tint and 1 12 in the
trunk. I have recently changed the breaks, changed the gas I use and am using
lucas everytime I change my oil. I am starting to tell the difference in the
way it drives by just those little things, does anyone have any other mods
that can be done to make it run better? I am going to be replacing the spark
plugs and the wires in the next 2 weeks anyone have any other suggestions? I
also want to do a little mod to the chrome that goes around the vehicle, I
spoke to a tint guy in the same parking lot as us and he said he would not be
able to put the tint on the door chromes because they are to small and will
come off in a couple washes, does anyone have any clues on what to use to make
them look like a shiny black to match my rims and tint? Thanks in advance and
I am glad I can be among other happy Saturn owners!!

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