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Apr 10, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/10/99
This is a "lessons learned" post, and just may save you some grief and money
as it did me:

On a recent long distance trip I noticed my 89 Mustang GT blowing LOTS of oil
underneath the chassis. So much that it was pooling on the ground during
stops for fuel. It seemed to be running over the top of the transmission
(AOD) and pooling under the transmission cross-member more so than under the
bellhousing. My first thought was "rear oil seal is gone". I just kept
topping off the oil level till I got to where I was going, then noticed that
the leakage slowed, and then stopped, as speed/rpm was reduced around town.

I went to a transmission shop to have the car inspected. One suggestion was
that the PCV valve was clogged, but I had just changed it a few months ago .
So the conclusion was that the rear oil seal was in fact bad and that the
repair cost may be several hundred dollars.

I then stopped at a Ford dealer to inquire about why the car would leak oil
at highway speed but not around town and again the PCV valve came up as a
possible culprit (causing excessive pressure to build up in the crankcase at
higher rpm's and blowing oil out from somewhere ??). When I mentioned that
the PCV valve was nearly new, the parts-guy asked "Well, how about the screen
underneath ?"

"Screen underneath ???", I asked, "What screen underneath ?"

"You know, the crankcase vent filter located in the hole UNDER the PCV valve",
he said.

"No, I DON'T know about that filter", said I, "and I've owned the car for 10
years, driven 180,000 miles on the original engine, changed the PCV valve
about a half-dozen times, and you are the FIRST person to tell me about 'the
screen/finter underneath the PCV valve'."

Well, to make a long story short, that little $5.00 screen/filter in the hole
underneath the PCV valve was clogged up and looked like it had been dipped in
pine-tar. After I replaced it, my car ran a lot smoother and the blowing oil
problem is gone. I suppose that it being clogged caused the excessive pressure
buildup in the crankcase and the oil to blow out from the path of least
resistance (which I still havent determined for certain cause it was ALL wet
under the chassis).

So the lesson is this: you got to change more than the PCV valve itself to do
the job right. Not changing this little filter screen could possibly cause you
a LOT of problems and possibly an unnesessary repair job. I could just imagine
the transmission shop yanking out my engine/transmission and finding the rear
oil seal OK. All for the lack of a clean $5.00 screen filter up under the PCV

But I checked with Autozone, O'Reilly/Hi-Lo Auto, and several other do it
yourself parts-places and not ONE of them knew of this screen/filter or had
one available. The only alternate vendor besides the Ford (part no.
FA-1068/E6ZZ- 6A631B)that I found was Fram (part no. CA1510A).

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Glen Upp

Apr 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/11/99
Can you see the screen when you take the PCV off? What are the proceedures
to change it?

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Russell Hunter

Apr 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/11/99
You have to pretty much go by feel and use a piece of wire with a hook bent in
the end of it to fish the thing out.

Does anyone know why Ford put the PCV valve on the back of the engine on this
car instead of on the valve cover? This is the only car I've ever seen that
has it there.

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David Banish

Apr 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/11/99
WOW. That's cool. This is exactly the kind of priceless experience/advice
I love seeing here on this NG. Thanks for teh advice, I'll have to check
mine too before I risk putting the old one back together with a freshly
rebuilt engine.

'93 LX wrote in message <7eo7k5$tv$>...

>This is a "lessons learned" post, and just may save you some grief and
>as it did me:
>On a recent long distance trip I noticed my 89 Mustang GT blowing LOTS of
>underneath the chassis. So much that it was pooling on the ground during


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