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Code 905

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Jan 13, 2007, 8:11:49 AM1/13/07
Hi since messing with various electrics in order to fix a starting problem
(thanks again for all the previous replies with regards that issue) I now
have an error 905 on the dashboard diagnostics list. The car is a Grand
Voyager (Town and Country in the states?)3.3 litre auto. I've replaced the
output speed sensor as this seemed to be a possible cause according to some
threads. I've managed to have a look in a Chrysler workshop manual which
states that I need to do a quick learn process and get it coded with a
dealer tool. Is there a way of avoiding another trip to the dealership and
doing this myself, or failing that is it the sort of thing I could reset
with the OBD2 code reader software / tools advertised on the net?
Cheers Mark


Jan 13, 2007, 8:43:32 AM1/13/07

"Corkery11" <> wrote in message
Starting problem? code 905? Replace speed sensor for a starting problem? I
don't think so!! And even if you replaced the speed sensor for a shifting
problem you wouldn't need a scan tool to relearn anything.

Glenn Beasley
Chrysler Tech


Jan 14, 2007, 3:51:37 PM1/14/07
Thanks for the reply. I should have pointed out that starting is no longer
a problem as it appears that my car was suffering from having a loose
block connector at the rear of the dash / instrument binnacle. I think I
have sorted this out, however in trying to find the problem I was advised
by the dealership that amongst other things it could be a problem with the
immobiliser, the BCM, then the PCM, and eventually the TCM all of which
have been changed (all but the BCM have been changed with second hand
units). When this made no difference they then said I would need to change
the loom which was described as being more than the car was worth. Luckily
this website gave out some alternative suggestions and it was after
playing around with the block mentioned that the starting problem was
However I now have code 905 and no speedo, gear selection indicator or
cruise / computer readings. Also the transmission is staying in limp
One of the threads on this site said it could be the output speed sensor
which seemed a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive option. However
you're right it made no difference. I have now managed to get a look at a
workshop manual which states that error 905 means "No CCD bus messages
from TCM".
The manual also states that TCM's should not be interchanged between
vehicles of different years and even same year vehicle TCM's if replaced
need to be put through a "Quick learn procedure" and "electronic pinion
I am therefore unsure of where my problem lies and if it neeeds to go to
the dealer or if there is some way of fixing it myself.
Cheers, Mark

Dany Defossez-Anceaux

Oct 15, 2020, 12:31:27 PM10/15/20
Hello could you be more precise on this famous connector loose at the back of the dashboard? I have a chrysler Voyager S3 2.4L petrol engine which refuses to start yet everything is new .. I do not understand anything ...
excuse my english language, i'm a french ^^

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