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Scout lift & cam questions

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Apr 7, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/7/95
Hi all,

My '75 Scout II is going up 5-6" soon as I flip the axles and add 33's. It seems to
be the most inexpensive way to get lift and also the best way to get those
darned spring pads out from under the axles where they hit everything.

I also have to swap the cam as 2 intake lobes have been flattened - any
recommendations on a well-priced cam that will help performance over
stock? Anything to look out for as I install the new cam?

I'm yanking the motor because the spacer behind the throwout bearing is
crushed, so I figure it'll be easier than swapping the cam in the truck
and dropping the trans to replace the clutch components - anything I
should do while it's out? Any ideas on why the spacer is crushed? The
clutch in there is far from a monster, so I can't figure that out.

The 345 runs pretty good for its condition, it barely leaks and doesn't
use much oil, so I hate to have to yank it, but it's eating the bottom of
just those two lifters pretty badly. I shudder to think what all that
metal is doing to my motor.

Main Questions:

What is the maximum u-joint angle allowable for the front shaft? rear?
How much can I rotate the front axle and stay safe in regards to caster
vs toe. I don't want any wobble at any speed and I don't want to trash
my front tires. U-joint are easy to replace, but I'd rather go easy on
Please note that the pinion currently drops below the leading edge of
the pumpkin for some reason. I've checked the springs, frame, etc.
and cannot account for it. It's like the axle has been rotated
backwards a bit.
I do not plan on rotating the knuckles on the axle at this time.
What's a good source for inexpensive extended brake lines? I don't need
pretty braided ones. This is a beater truck and not a showboat.

I'm not out there to abuse it, but paint is optional here in Tucson due to Arizona
pinstriping. So why make it pretty when the next time out, the brush will stripe the
hell out of it? Functional is good. :-)


I'll appreciate all input except that "Do you own a spare Scout for parts" joke. :-)

BTW: I do!, but it's slated for the Baja 1000 sometime in the next coupl'a years.
My ideas are my own unless I "borrowed" them.

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