The Future of Music (Software synthesizer focused or extended operating system)

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Mar 22, 2021, 6:37:34 AM3/22/21
The Future of Music (Software synthesizer focused operating system)

The vision for the future of music will be something like this:

Mostly driven by enhancements in multi-core technology and audio processing and synthesizer software emulation.

The billion dollar question is what is more efficient:

Sampling/recording music productions


Emulating real instruments and playing them in real time according to some instructions and instrument settings.

It could be that collecting all software synthesizers might be more storage efficient than recording music.

Thus limited storage space will ultimately force the music world into a more efficient and compact format.

Currently MP3, FLAC, WAV is very inefficient and uses large ammounts of storage space.

On the other hand MIDI, MOD, XM, SAP and such require much less storage space per song.

However MIDI does not record the synthesizers used, or the synthesizers settings, nor effects applied and such.

Therefore what is needed is consolidation of all this technology, the software synthesizers, the settings, and
so forth.

Basically the future of music is a MUSIC driven/focused OPERATING SYSTEM.

(Where software synthesizers are the new "drivers")

(Perhaps these software synthesizers can be integrated into existing windows driver architecture, if not a change of the operating system might be necessary or a new one developed :))

Like Microsoft Windows consolidated hardware developments and captured all of it's drivers and settings and such.

The future operating system that will be necessary for music is an operating system which collects/consolidates
all these software synthesizer and introduces a new file storage format that can store/record the synthesizer
settings, also known in the music industry as "patches".

The new file storage format will have to be some kind of mix of MIDI and patches and such.

My expectation is that users will start demanding this kind of technology and will start preferring it also
because it can render much higher quality music in real time.

Plus the analog software synthesizer feel more alive, and might render the music slightly different depending
on CPU load and maybe even CPU temperatures which could be very interesting to listen to.

This means that software companies like Microsoft and Google and maybe even Apple have A LOT OF WORK TO DO
in the coming decades to create such a brand new software synthesizer FOCUSED operating system !

Good luck !

And may the square and saw tooth waves be with yo ! Alwayzzzzz ! =D

Bye for now,

Peter Wieck

Mar 22, 2021, 7:24:32 AM3/22/21
The future of music as you suggest would be applicable in the 9th Circle of Hell. But for those of us who actually enjoy music made by human beings using actual primary instruments (a synthesizer is an instrument after all) would not be happy.

Lasciate ogni speranza voi que entrate.

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA
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