Re: Chinaboy Milley tries to lie his way out

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Sep 21, 2021, 9:59:48 AMSep 21
On 9/21/2021 1:59 AM, Ubiquitous wrote:
> bud_fr...@aggregoat.con wrote:
>> On 9/19/2021 11:22 AM, Ubiquitous <> wrote:
>>> Crawling Joe B. wrote
>>>> ROFLMAO. It was a beautiful call
>>> With his attacks on POTUS Trump's stirling reputation, Milley is Trump's
>>> enemy and henceforth the enemy of all POTUS Trumps base. Trump is holding
>>> back using his presidential powers to censure him until after the election
>>> is recounted and the white house is won back for our real leader.
>> Thats a great poast.
> He has more balls than I could dream of having.

That's right.

> --
> Trump lost.

That's also right.
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