Re: Will Megan Rapinoe Share Her Subway Paycheck With Extras In The Name Of 'Equal Pay'?

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Adam H. Kerman

Jun 5, 2021, 9:53:50 PMJun 5
BTR1701 <> wrote:

>Oh, please... doesn't this author know about the Leftist Double Standard
>and the Leftist motto "To thee, to thee, but not for me"?

>As for soccer, if the women's team wants the same pay as men, they
>should start by upping their game to the point where a team of high
>school boys can't beat them.

>Or maybe they should all just identify as men. Then they'll either be
>paid more or they'll prove the claim that "men are paid more" is wrong.

Can't I watch women's soccer because they have really beautiful legs?
I'm not interested in a social equity message.

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