Re: Viral Video Reccomends Injecting Bleach - Must Be True if Facebook / Google / Twitter Banned It

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Jul 28, 2020, 3:24:16 PM7/28/20
On 7/28/2020 12:21 PM, Ubiquitous wrote:
> wrote:
>> Big Conspiracy!! They want to destroy cheap, plentiful Republican
>> healthcare!! Trump will soon sign the Executive Order whereby his
>> followers must inject bleach if they are to avoid the TrumpenFlu. Only
>> Trump Brand bleach is acceptable.
>> Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill
>> Coronavirus Press Conference
> I saw nothing about injecting bleach in this clip, something Trump never said to do.

Trump *unambiguously* suggested that the direct injection of bleach and
rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants is something that *should* be
researched. He also said that finding a way to introduce UV light *inside*
the body should be investigated. As he said it, Dr. Birx sat off to the
side with a look on her face that said "Oh-my-fucking-god, just kill me now!"

Keep your fucking mouth shut.
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