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Michael Nist

Sep 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/23/95
TV Tonight


Prime Time TV for Saturday, 23 September - Sunday, 24 September, 1995




The unfortunately titled Bill Maher: Stuff that Struck Me as Funny
appears on HBO tonight. Although his fans from Politically Incorrect
will recognize a lot of the jokes from that show's monologues, this
(and approximately two other hours of monthly programming) are still
almost enough to make a person consider dropping $14 a month HBO.
Almost. (10.00)

JAG is a welcome addition to the otherwise sappy (or, in the case of
Walker, Texas Ranger, dopey) Saturday night lineup. Although it would
seem that A Few Good Men would have sated America's appetite for Navy
lawyer dramas for awhile, this show works in plenty of combat footage
to keep things interesting (most of these scenes are cutting-floor
sweepings from films like Top Gun, but the producers do a fairly good
job of camouflaging this). (NBC, 8.00-10.00)

Meanwhile, the sappy/dopey Saturday night dramas of which I just spoke
all make their season premieres tonight. That would be Dr Quinn,
Medicine Woman, Touched by an Angel, Walker, Texas Ranger and Sisters.
(CBS, 8.00, 9.00, 10.00; NBC, 10.00)

The Notorious BIG guest stars on tonight's Martin. (Fox, 8.00)

College football action includes Miami at Virginia Tech (ABC, noon
ET/9 a.m. PT), Texas at Notre Dame (NBC, 12.30 ET/9.30 a.m. PT), Air
Force at Northwestern (ESPN, 12.30 ET/9.30 a.m. PT), Oklahoma State at
Wyoming (ESPN2, 2.00 ET/11.00 a.m. PT), Texas A&M at Colorado (ABC,
3.30 ET/12.30 PT), Tennessee State vs Florida A&M ESPN2, 7.00 ET/4.00
PT) and Penn State at Rutgers (ESPN, 7.30 ET/4.30 PT).

If you've never seen Iceman -- which stars Timothy Hutton in an
unfortunate perm (one can assume Uma hasn't seen this one), playing a
scientist who thaws out a caveman -- is actually a gripping and
thoughtful science fiction drama. John Lone plays the cave-dweller.
(Sci-Fi Channel, 8.00)

If you've got a good stomach for Sam Waterston acting self-righteous
(and you've got three hours to kill), The Killing Fields is on A&E at



Rock & Roll is here to stay (for at least the next five days). PBS's
10-hour documentary is must viewing for anyone who still has a pulse.
Tonight's two segments cover the roots of rock, through rockabilly and
Elvis, and on to the Beach Boys and early Beatles. (9.00-11.00)

Space: Above and Beyond could be interesting. Essentially, it's 2063,
the Earth's trying to colonize, and a bunch of frickin' aliens start a
war with us. So we start kicking alien butt -- none of that wimpy Star
Trek trying-to-reason-with-them nonsense. And remember the drill
instructor from Full Metal Jacket? HE'S ON THIS SHOW NOW, PRIVATE!
(Fox, 7.00-9.00)

To make way for the 2-hour debut of Space, The Simpsons and Married
With Children are temporarily relocated to 9.00 and 9.30. (Fox)

The Buchmans of Mad About You have also moved (permanently) to Sunday
nights ... and right across the hall from Cybill. And they're thinking
about having a little baby Buchman, too, which probably wouldn't be
good news for their new neighbor. (NBC, 8.00; CBS, 8.00)

Movie-wise, skip the fully crappy teleflicks on CBS and NBC (their
titles say it all: Whose Daughter Is She? and The Unspoken Truth), and
opt for the kinda crappy , over on ABC. (9.00)

Expect the Green Bay Packers to beat up on the Jacksonville Jaguars
tonight. And well they should -- those new uniforms look like they
were bought at a USFL yard sale (and Carolina's aren't any better).
(TNT, 8.00)


These listings are updated daily by 9 a.m. Pacific time/noon Eastern
time. Weekday editions include a full schedule.


Copyright 1995 by Michael Nist
All rights reserved.

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