Pedophilic Old Fart and Spammer keeps Trashing your Newsgroups with her Perverted Sick Shit!

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Jun 23, 2022, 1:21:41 PM (5 days ago) Jun 23
...and she's so proud of it that she can do it!

Especially, as it's the ONLY thing she can do! LOL

Innit, our filthy old resident pedo?

Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia, again:
"There will always be progressives such as Harriet Harperson who want to
take that extra step forward. Paedophiles are still a long way from
being widely accepted."
MID: <rlMUE.676067$>

Your kind will NEVER be accepted, in NO part of the world, you filthy old
reject and pedo swine!
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