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Charles Daniel Sabatos

Jan 16, 1990, 1:06:18 AM1/16/90

I think that A&E's idea of showing "Buffalo Bill" and "Slap
Maxwell" reruns back to back is extremely appropriate. Not only did
both shows star Dabney Coleman, but they were both produced by Jay
Tarses. "Buffalo Bill" was cancelled because NBC apparently thought the
main character was too obnoxious to appeal to the American public.
"Slap Maxwell" was partly an attempt by Tarses and Coleman to create a
more sympathetic, if crochety, character. Ironically, it was cancelled
not because of ratings but because of a feud between the two that
practically brought the show to its knees. "Slap" was more innovative
than "Bill", since the former was a "dramedy" program, but I never liked
it as much as Molly Dodd, which was also produced by Jay Tarses and was
similar in a number of ways.
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