Massacre on board the Red Dwarf

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Daniel Bowen

Feb 25, 1991, 9:01:49 AM2/25/91
It's taking some time to compile my list of all the cuts made to the
most recent episodes of RD shown on the ABC (last Sunday). The episodes
were "Stasis Leak" and "Queeg". So far I've found no less than 12 cuts
(including the news break where we lost the hilarious ending of Stasis
Leak and the start of Queeg).

List coming up in a few days... Oh, they also said that "Queeg" was
the last episode. For those who don't know, there is one more in the
second series, "Parallel Universe".

I urge Aussies who are sick and tired of this sort of behaviour to ring
and write to complain.. with a bit of luck we'll get a repeat in a
PGR or AO timeslot, uncut! When are they gonna get it into their thick-
heads that this is ADULT SCIFI/COMEDY?

Daniel Bowen
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