What Happened To Dave Allen At Large?

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Sal Pastino

Feb 26, 1992, 12:27:50 PM2/26/92

I was wondering if a few enterprising fans out there would happen to know
whatever happened to the comedian Dave Allen? They ran some of his shows
and WHYY Channel 12 Philadelphia several years ago but I haven't seen or
heard anything since. If your not sure who I'm talking about, he's the
comedian who made a joke about his being "the man with four and a half
fingers". Incidentally if anyone knows, how did he lose that finger? I find thatI am one of a very small group that remembers that he had a show.

Thanks, Sal Pastino

Dave Jones

Feb 28, 1992, 12:44:50 PM2/28/92

Dave switched to ITV, where his show ran into the 80's. He's probably
back in the clubs....

The "Man with found and a half fingers" thing probably refers to a time he
was doing a routine on horror films and reeling off titles: "...the Curse
of the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Beast with (holds
up hand, looks at missing part, does double take) Four and a Half Fingers!"

One version of the tale of how he lost the half a finger was told on TV.
I'll try to reconstruct it.

(lights dim, audience settles in for classic Dave Allen ghost story....)

I took a bet that I would sleep a night in the old haunted house up on
the hill, alone. As I lay there that night, I heard the church clock
chiming the hours. Ten. Eleven. As the clock chimed midnight, I felt
a sudden chill in the air. There was an eerie presence in the room
with me. The feeling grew stronger and stronger, and then suddenly something
touched me on my stomach, there under the bedclothes. It felt deathly cold,
infinitely menacing. To my horror, it began to move, crablike, upwards
onto my chest. I was transfixed, unable to move or cry out as it crept
higher and higher, higher and higher. Finally the cold presence began to
wrap itself around my throat. It squeezed, softly at first, then harder,
and harder still. I couldn't breathe. My life flashed before my eyes.
Then, breaking the spell with an effort of sheer will, I grabbed the thing,
wrenched it from my neck, and having nothing to fight with, raised it to
my mouth and bit as hard as I could and....

(lights come up, Dave raises hand)
And dat's how I lost this finger!"
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