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Dec 24, 1993, 8:06:26 AM12/24/93
Wednesday, Dec. 22 LAP Update



Hello All, Sorry this update is a little late - blame it on the Holiday
Spirit(s) - hic! On with the Update:

We're still hangin' out at the fashion show. Ridge and Brooke are
taking the bows for the men's line. Needless to say, they're both
beaming. Stephanie and Eric are looking on and being very concerned
parents. Now we move to backstage where Ridge gives a little pep talk
and thanks all involved.

Across the Big Water: James is pacing the floor, telling Taylor about
his childhood and his abusive father, etc. Taylor's obviously not
listening (neither am I by now), James calls her on this. He said
something to the effect of "You're of NO USE to me like this, let's talk
about your problems so we can get on with mine." I think I'll sum up
the scenes with these two characters now.They go on about Taylor's guilt
and jealousy and she makes a decision to solve all of James problems in
a day and fly home for Christmas.

Back to the action and now it's the Press Conference: There was an
amusing comment on the 'school girl' look that Forrester Fashions
centered on this year. Stephanie chalked it up to good clean fun by
Ridge and Eric. (yeah - right). The reporters ask amount the
showcasing of Armondo's line: the Forrester's pretty much clam up and
offer no explanation or further comment on it - the reporters let it
slide. But now Joe, the evil tabloid reporter, asks Ridge pointedly
"Where's your wife?" Ridge replies, sort of "In Scotland, on business -
where's YOUR wife?", Joe, the evil one says, "Certainly not in
Scotland.", and Ridge counters with, "That's where I'd be if I were
her!" (ROTF - you HAD to be there to appreciate that one). Ridge makes
a party announcement - something to the effect of "Let's go raise
some hell!" (Lots of faked enthusiasm here, but I can't tell if it was
intentional or not....)
At the Party: Everyone's in their swimming suits and the ambiance is
properly set with a Soul Asylum tune playing in the background (Runaway
Train). Ridge's obviously has had quite a few and is telling a few
really lames jokes: Here's one: How many Californians does it take to
screw in a lightbulb? Five - One to screw it in and four to relate to
the experience. Stephanie shows up and offers up some motherly concern.
Ridge ofcourse says "Hey, I'm just celebrating a fantastic showing -
hic, Hey Brooke, remember this one!" (I wasn't sure what he was
referring to here, either the song, the champagne, his swimming trunks,
his mom, i dunno). The beckoned Brooke be-bops over in her brief black
and white bikini. (She's looking great for having had two kids!).
Stephanie is really looking worried, but she goes away (by the way, she
WASN'T in a swimming suit). Well, it gets a little late in the evening
and Ridge is setting alone getting depressed watching the couples form,
as couples tend to do after a little drinking, etc. Brooke comes on by
and offers a sympathetic ear. Then, here it is folks, the climax, the
apex, the best part of Wednesday's show:

Brooke says that she would like to set down and talk to him about
something she's been thinking about doing, and it involves the company.
Ridge is curious. Brooke says, "Well, I'm seriously thinking about
giving the company back to your father." I'm stunned, Ridge is stunned
and in a fit of joy runs up and gives a big hug. And then, and then,
yes, they lock lips in a passionate sort of way. We're talking some
serious spit-swappin'.

** FLASH **

Yes folks, the evil tabloid journalist, Joe, caught them in the act with
his camera. (by the way, I sort of forgot to tell you that when Ridge
announced the party, he specifically banned cameras from the premise,

Well, that's it, Merry Christmas All, and just a reminder, I won't be
able to provide next Wed. update. Now I have to pack my car so that my
110lb yellow lab and I can make the pilgrimage to MI. (You should see
him with the obnoxiously cute reindeer antlers I'm making him wear!)

- Lori (L...@arlvax.psu.edu)

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