Y&R: 11Nov91 [preview/spoiler if read during weekend!]

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Terence M. Dulay

Nov 8, 1991, 7:30:34 PM11/8/91
Greetings, Y&R followers...
This is a preview for Monday's show. Kim, I'll try to post a Monday preview
every Friday, since most of you like them (do you?)
Forget Lauren's scenes--they're basically filler. Basically her kid's got a
fever and is in hospital. Big deal. (unless there's a connection with that
blood-sample Scott took.. perhaps a contaminated needle?)
Katherine/Jill/Dina et al
In the 1st scene of this storyline, Kath introduces Dina to Rex. Esther
brings in a silver tray full of food... the phone rings [this scene had me
rolling around laughing]... I don't want to ruin your laughs so I won't say
what happens there.... anyways, its Jill on the phone, asking for Rex... she
asks Rex to come over to her place, which she does. At Jill's, Jill asks
Rex if he knows why Dina is in town... Rex assumes Dina is in Genoa City
for Tracy's wedding. Jill asks Rex who she should go to for answers.
Mamie's name comes up, so Jill goes to the Abbott mansion to talk to Mamie.
Mamie doesn't make any comment, so Jill goes to the office to talk to John,
but before entering, she hears John and Dina in there talking. John is
pissed off at Dina for showing up (she expresses concern for him) since she
left him and their kids long ago without a trace. As John states, "no phone
calls, no letters, no Christmas cards". Jill mutters to herself, "Let her
have it,John!". Jill leaves, and misses the rest of the conversation. Dina
explains that she had tuberculosis, and didn't want the family to know since
she didn't want to be a burden, and expected to die. John still cannot
forgive her, and so she leaves.
Sheila goes to the nursing home, and tells Molly "Damn that Lauren... messed
up all our plans... we're stuck here". Molly begins to mutter "Bobby"
repeatedly... to which Sheila tries to shut her up. Sheila leaves. As
Sheila disappears, Molly continues to struggle foords. "Bob-BEE! Bob-BEE!
Bob... bah... bah... Bay... BABY!!! BABY!!!! BABY!!!" and a smile goes on
her face. Let's see if Lauren, or one of the nurses picks up on the

Well, hope this preview is good enough..... I'll post again soon!
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