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nosliW .A yllaS

Mar 17, 1994, 2:53:20 PM3/17/94

I have an NEW fool proof way to save DOOL. YES! If the PEELS
and CORES, and other RATers each send me a few million dollars,
and I will throw in some we can use the money to buy NBC for
the idiots at GE. With that we can start work to save not
only DULL but Nothing But Crap (i.e. NBC). First we get Dorkday's
ass in gear and make sure he acts like a producer. Lamedick
and Relay will of course be fired -- from then we definitely
will fire Queen Zee -- we'll own NBC and thus she'll have no
more control; Pathetically Mundane will be axed, though we could
keep him around as a janitor; Sweeney is history; plus other
house cleaning. Matt is back as fast as Susan and Bill. We will
try and get Marty and others. Old time producers, plus some
of us RATSers will get writing and production jobs.

Next -- let's face it SNL SUCKS almost as badly as DULL -- so
we'll revamp that as well. We'll try and get quality and intelligent
and witty programs. We won't fake explosions, or news stories. No
tabloid TV, or anal retetive talk shows.

So my little buddies, what'd'ya say?

---oh as I type I am listening to the radio and night there's going
to be a Spud's party; last night I went to see the Sacto Kings and
the Nets, and Spud Webb played a great game for the Kings: is this
some omen?

Anyway, Send your checks and monies to:

Sally A. Wilson,
President of Buy Back NBC

EARL HOLLIMAN: Whose immortal words, "Pepper, you're going under cover."
became the anthem of a disenfranchized generation who, until that moment,
had nothing to believe in but their own ennui. [Tom Servo MST3K]

Mar 18, 1994, 12:04:40 PM3/18/94
HEYYY don't scare me! Is there really talk of canning DOOL?

nosliW .A yllaS

Mar 18, 1994, 7:42:00 PM3/18/94
In article <>,

>HEYYY don't scare me! Is there really talk of canning DOOL?

We can only hope that NBC decides to talk about Canning DULL,
then maybe the ignorant idiots, talent twits might try
to save the show instead of pushing the crap they have been
pushing. Corday does not know diddley about producing quality,
he is only interested in seeing "Producer" on the door of his
office; in turn he hires assholes equal to his own assholeness
to write and produce the show -- folks who would not know good
stories, continuity, respect, or integrity even if these
qualities painted themselves purple and danced naked with
large signs pointing these qualities out. The show is such
a joke, which is so sad; it has fallen so damn far astray of
the principals which Betty and Ted Corday founded that it is
not the same show -- makes me wonder if Ted Corday under
some Freudian reasoning is purposefully destroying the show
to get back at his much more talented parents.

TMFIC charge need to have the fear of cancelation in their
hearts, and only then may these things change. A major house
cleaning needs to be done -- throw da bums out! Until then
the show with faulter further, and will die -- and will die
with its last impression, a extremely pathetic one; the glory
of its former self all but forgotten.

My post, was a joke, to get money off you guys?
Hey a Spud can try. Also, I think that there are
SOME of us RATSers who could do a hell of a lot more,
are far more creative, have more integrity than Lamedick,
Dorkday, and Relay.

Someday these bastards will pay -- and I cannot wait. They
can go on pretending and ignoring the negative letters,
the negative criticism in the mags, the ratings, someday
oh yes, someday the proverbial Marde will hit the fan.


Thomas Yohn

Mar 25, 1994, 4:21:43 PM3/25/94
In article 4...@bigboote.WPI.EDU, prin...@bigwpi.WPI.EDU (Jennifer Renee Principe) writes:

>In article <2mdhoo$> (nosliW .A yllaS) writes:
>>the negative criticism in the mags, the ratings, someday
>>oh yes, someday the proverbial Marde will hit the fan.
>Marde?? Perhaps you mean Merde?
Nah. She means Mardi. It will happen on a Tuesday.

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