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Eva Weitzel

Nov 22, 1994, 2:21:39 PM11/22/94
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Monday November 21, 1994

B&B Update


James goes to see Connor about Taylor.


Taylor gets all dressed up, puts on the white scarf across her face, and
then goes to see Omar. Omar is surprised to see Taylor all dressed up
and asks what's changed her. Taylor tells Omar that Morocco is her
home now and from now on he is to call her Layla.

Brooke/Ridge/Bridget/Eric Jr.

Brooke gets and apple pie out for dessert. Brooke begins to cut the pie
(they are in the living room in front of the fireplace). Ridge starts
to tickle Brooke and the kids jump on top of her. They role around on
the floor.


Sheila has made a candle light dinner for two (but could feed 20) in
front of the fireplace. Eric is suspicious and asks if they are having
guests. Sheila informs him that this dinner is just for the two of them.
Eric insists they will have enough left overs for a week. Sheila
assures him that she will be cooking dinner for him every night, there
won't be any leftovers.


Sheila tries to make small talk by asking Eric how his day went. Eric
tells her everything went fine. Sheila asks about the Winter sales,
Eric tells her she knows how they are going because she receives a memo.
Sheila insists she was too busy with dinner to both reading up on it.
Then Sheila informs Eric that she will be spending less time at the
office and more time as a housewife. Eric is happy to here that he
won't have to see her at work and wishes he didn't have to see her at
home either. Sheila changes the subject by asking him what his plans
are for the holidays. Eric says he hasn't made any plans. Sheila
suggests they go to Aspen. Eric says he will be out of there in less
than a month and won't be spending the holidays with Sheila.


James informs Connor about the coincidence between Taylor being in
Casablanca before her plane crashed and Brooke and Ridge just happening
to go there on their honeymoon. James fills in Connor about the details
of Brooke and Ridges honeymoon. James is puzzled about all this but
can't seem to figure out why, he just knows things aren't right.


Omar is surprised with Taylor's change in her attitude. Taylor asks
Omar "Do you still want to marry me, MY LORD? Omar responds with "I
would give up my throne for you". Taylor then says she will marry him
but only under 2 conditions. First she insists that he let her work with
the Orphan Children one on one. Omar agrees and then Omar notices
something bothering Taylor. She tells him that he may not want to marry
her when he hears her second condition.


Connor tells James that he needs to see a shrink. Connor is sure that
James is trying to make something out of nothing. James insists that it
is not just a hunch. Connor says to James "You want Taylor to be
alive". James tells him "something inside me compels me to search to
look". Connor tells James to follow his instincts no matter what anyone
says, even a lawyer.

Brooke/Ridge/Bridget/Eric Jr.

They are finishing their desserts. Brooke tells the kids its time for
their baths and then to bed. Brooke tells Ridge that when she is done
with the kids she is going to give him a bath.


Sheila is desperately trying to get Eric to help put their marriage back
together. Sheila informs him that you need to compromise in a marriage.
Eric says "of course there is sacrifice, but you have to want to".
Sheila says "no one turns you on the way I do".


Sheila begins to come on to Eric. She starts kissing him. Eric says "I

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