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Angela May Assoc Prof Engineers

Sep 27, 1994, 10:59:10 AM9/27/94

From the "better late than never" department, here's the Thursday,
September 15th update for Y&R. Please no flames! I know it's late -- my
sincere apologies for being sooooo late. My promise: it'll never happen

Dru at the doctor's office

Dru is visiting a (new) doctor, seeking to end her pregnancy. He asks
her why she came to see him specifically, and she replies that she wants
to see a doctor that she didn't know. [seems that dr-patient
confidentiality is a problem in Genoa City -- especially judging by
Olivia's conduct as of late]. She is very upset and wants an abortion.

Jed's office

Jill and Jed are dancing cheek to cheek to elevator music (how
convenient). She says that dancing with Jed reassures her that she is
making the right decision (to divorce John). She needs a man who knows
how to make a woman feel alive. She thinks they're still married because
of Billy [why can't they call him William?]. She says it's ironic that
when she told John about her pregnancy, John was so upset, and now he is
really taken with the baby. She's absolutely determined to divorce John,
no matter what.

Coffee House

Matt comes over to see Nick and starts talking about how Victoria is one
hot babe. Nick looks puzzled.

Nina's place

Nina's on the couch. It's been a few hours since she felt the pains.
She tries to reassure herself that nothing's wrong. Phone rings. It's
Ryan, who forgot something in Phillip's bedroom (he's away on business).
He asks whether she could bring the file to his secretary at his office.
She says she will, and doesn't mention the pains.

Coffee House

Matt tells Nick about the centerfold -- everyone's talking about it.
Nick gets miffed, and threatens Matt. Nick's speechless when Matt
produces the magazine. Nick takes off, but not before Matt rubs it in
that he and Sharon are a hot item again.

Jill & Jed

Jill says she has to be careful, because she hasn't a hope of getting
through the divorce unscathed if John finds out about her affair. She
hopes she can get John to file for the divorce. Jed thinks this is just
wishful thinking.

Coffee House

Some guy and Amy talk. Amy just returned from a dental appointment. She
runs into Sharon. Amy tells Sharon that she's having the most incredible
summer, and that she gets along really well with Nick, and his mother,
who couldn't have been nicer to her. She thanks Sharon for inviting Nick
and her to Sharon's Birthday Bash, because it'll be their first
"together" party. She leaves. Sharon looks pissed off. [by the way,
Sharon has recently had a french manicure -- guess the bills include
personal grooming: we have to have our priorities in order, don't we?].

Abbott Home

Jill gets home. John greets her, and asks where she was. He was anxious
to see her. He offers her a cocktail. She's not in the mood, she says.
John offers to help Jill "unwind" but she cuts him off, asking where
Billy is. Seems Maimie took him to the park to give them some time
together (sweet Maimie!). Jill rejects more advances and is fuming about
Maimie taking the baby out when she is expected home. She's saved by
Maimie and Billy's return (it started to rain and they had to home home
early). Jill berates her. John takes the baby and plays/talks to him.
Jill looks like she feels a little guilty for the impending breakup.

Olivia's Office

Neil comes over wanting to know what Olivia's not telling him about Dru's
condition. When's the fatigue going to end?

Dru at Doctor's

The doctor's policity is never to perform an abortion before finding out
more about the case. He assumes she's not married. When Dru corrects
him, he questions her motivations for not telling her husband. She says
that her husband must never know.

Ryan's Office

Nina brings the files to Linda (Ryan's secretary). Nina stays behind to
leave a note for Ryan to get when he returns. While she's looking for
some paper, she comes across the magazine with Vicky's pictures in his
desk. She looks at it.

Sharon's Place

"Girl"'s mom rolls out and complains that Sharon didn't put the iron
where she could reach it, and she couldn't iron today. Sharon rudely
brushes her off, tells her she will do the ironing herself that evening
(OK?) and BTW she's having a party at the apartment sometime soon (guess
they don't give her too many scripts in advance in case she gets fired
like the rest of the Sharons). She says this will be a very important
party for her.


Nikki is needlepointing. Doorbell rings (Miguel, I'll get it). It's
Amy. It seems Nikki invited her over to help out. Amy brought a pillow
that she did. Fancy work.

Tacky Room

Victoria is pretending to make iced tea. Luckily Nick drops by. He
confronts her about the centerfold. She's pretty down to earth about
it. She asks his opinion of the pictures. "Helluva spread, Vic" [I
couldn't have said it better!].

Olivia's Office

Neil continues to pump Olivia for information. [He should ask his wife].

Other doctor's Office

Dru is really confused and upset. She tells the doctor that she's unsure
of the baby's paternity, asking whether there's a way to tell the exact
moment of conception. The doctor suggests a physical exam.

Tacky Room

Nick says Victor must've flipped. She tells Nick about the buy-out of
the issue, the acquisition of the company and firing Glenn and Alec.
They both agree that this is in keeping with their Dad. Victoria says
she can't understand his reaction, since their Mom was a stripper and THAT
was ok. Why not this?

The Collins'

Mom asks about the party and who's being invited. Sharon tells her that
Amy and Nick have been invited. The mother sees through Sharon's plot to
get Nick nearer. Sharon denies anything underhanded. Sharon comes
across a letter in the mail that her mother is quite anxious she not
read. It's from the insurance company.


Nikki and Amy are needlepointing. Amy tells Nikki that she learned how
to do it from her mom, and that she and her mom are very close. Nikki
remarks that Amy's lucky to be close to her mother, since not everyone
has that sort of relationship. They talk about Nick's return to school.
Nikki says that she insisted that he go back. She then pumps Amy about
Sharon. The party comes up, and Nikki counsels Amy not to let Nick out
of her sight at the party.

Tacky Room

Nick says he's more concerned about Cole's reaction to the centerfold.
He hopes Vicki and Cole can work this thing through. They talk about
Switzerland. Vicki asks about Sharon.

Nina's House

She takes a long hard look at the centerfold. "How could Vicky do
this?" "Why does Ryan have the magazine?"

Olivia's Office

Olivia says Dru's overstressed and tired. She promises Neill she will
keep a close eye on her sister. Neill makes her promise to tell him is
there's anything he should know.

Dru & doctor

The doctor tells Dru her pregnancy's early. He can't confirm the exact
date of conception. She wants to abort asap. He says that there's one
more thing she should consider before making her final decision. It's a
miracle that she's pregnant at all, since she has chronic pelvic
inflammatory disease. This will probably be the only child she'll ever
have, because there's a lot of scar tissue surrounding her reproductive
system, probably due to undiagnosed recurring infection. He urges her to
reassess prior to aborting. She asks whether it's some sort of miracle
that she even conceived. He says yes. She asks herself whether it's a
miracle or a nightmare. She cries beautifully and the scene closes with
her teary eyes.

The end.


Merri Dodd

Sep 28, 1994, 8:46:07 AM9/28/94
add Y&R: header

Angela May Assoc Prof Engineers (asso...@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca) wrote:
: From the "better late than never" department, here's the Thursday,

: September 15th update for Y&R. Please no flames! I know it's late -- my
: sincere apologies for being sooooo late. My promise: it'll never happen
: again.

Great update! Don't worry about being late, you have a life and life

My thanks to the updaters, you do a wonderful job.

-merri (trying to archive the updates, anyone have a complete archive?)
m...@mind.org 404/659-5720 404/521-0445 Public Access Unix in Atlanta

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