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Debby Ganote

Sep 20, 1994, 12:14:43 PM9/20/94
Jill shocks her new lawyer:

Jill goes to see John Silva and requests that he represent her during
her divorce from John Abbott. John is stunned. Jill is adamant nothing
can save the marriage. Jill begs John to represent her. Her demands are
simple, she knows she'll keep the 20% of Jabot stock (from her first
divorce from John), so in addition she wants support for baby Billy and
her job at Jabot. John cautions keeping the job might be difficult.
John agrees to prepare the preliminary divorce papers.

Katherine wants the dirt on Jill:

Katherine stops by to talk to Mamie about Jill's affair with Jed. Mamie
admits she thinks Jill has been unfaithful. Katherine warns Mamie they
must share information to nail Jill and save John. Katherine says Jill
and Jed are definitely in "heat". Katherine suggests they set at trap
for Jill, for little Billy's sake. Mamie is reluctant to help and trust

Keemo blasts Luan's memories:

Luan has fond memories of her "GI". Keemo doesn't share the same
feelings about this "user of a man". Keemo rejects his natural father
vehemently. Luan leaves in tears and Cricket reads Keemo the riot act
for his insensitivity. Cricket tells Keemo he doesn't have the market
cornered on pain. Cricket's words get to Keemo and he apologizes for
his harshness...

Hope and Jack catch up:
Jack shares his engagement with Hope and she shares her pregnancy with him.
They are happy for each other.

Neil and Nathan wonder what's up with Dru:

Nathan warns Neil that something is going on. They agree to work
together to determine what's up. Meanwhile Dru is seeing Olivia
demanding Olivia schedule a D&C. Olivia informs Dru she has it scheduled.
Nathan stops by Neil's apartment with Little Nate and the men bond
about fatherhood. Neil cooes to Little Nate that one day he wants a
son just like him. Dru watches this tender scene in emotional

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but there's always time to do it again."

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