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Heidi Walsh

Aug 4, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/4/96

From: ls...@unix.ieway.com
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 1996 14:43:52 -0700

Hi, heres this weeks Y&R Update,



Adam makes an impression, especially on Jill. Victor and Ashley
reminisce. Things get violent when Jill confronts Mari Jo. Danny
takes painful news well. Nikki is both surprised and bothered by
Chris's plans for Victor. Josh and Nikki have a successful first
date. Nick wants things with Sharon to be like old times, and avoids
any discussion about the future.Malcolm is there for Olivia when she
breaks down after hearing from Nathan. Christine and Paul duck out of
their wedding reception early to attend to business. Joani tries to
convince Phyllis that she should pursue a career in modeling; Danny
also supports the idea. Victor notices the sparks between Adam and
Ashley, who becomes defensive. Grace pulls a sick stunt with Nick.
Jill throws herself at John Silva, but he resists temptation because
of his professional ethics.Nikki keeps her relationship with Josh a
secret from Victor. Nathan gets money out of Lynne. Phyllis wins a
trip to the Carribean,and has to decide who to take with her.

Next Week

Nathan and Olivia come face to face. Phyllis ponders her future.

Red Letter Days

Wednesday August 7, Chris will happily marry Paul in a country
chapel on Y&R.


Victor's return to Genoa City without Hope doesn't mean Y&R viewers
have seen the last of Signy Coleman. A spokesperson for Coleman says
she and the show are currently discussing her coming back on contract;
apparently, theres a major storyline in the works for Hope.

Insiders say Diana Barton(Mari Jo) is off Y&R; the show maintains
that Barton is on recurring status.

A serious case of strep throat force Y&R's star Heather Tom
to take a short leave of absence from her frontburner role as
Victoria Newman Howard in late July.

Update Uncensored

Nikki was embarrassed to see a doctor about her recent
medical problem. It's too bad she didn't just call her sister Dr
Casey Reed. How much of the Newman Enterprises slack could young
Nicholas Newman really have been picking up after his father Victor
was almost fatally shot? After all, he'd been on the job(and a part
time job at that)less than three weeks, and up until that point his
training consisted of having Jack introduce him to all the department


Rather than coping with Sharon's pregnancy, Nick has plunged
himself into denial, pretending that everything is fine in their
marriage. But Sharon realizes that things couldn't be more wrong,
as Nick darts out of the house at sunrise and doesn't return from
the office until the late hours of the night. And when he does return
home, making love to his wife is the last thing on his mind. The
problem is further compounded by Nick's budding friendship with Grace.
Making matters worse are Grace's romantic fantasies about Nick. As she
enters a new stage in her pregnancy, Sharon realizes that it's time
for her and Nick to make serious decisions about their future. "Sharon
is still in a state of anxiety," offers Sharon Case(Sharon)."She and
Nick have worked through some of their differences, but they still
haven't resolved the baby issue. It's an ongoing problem for
is wondering whether Nick may have felt that he rushed into things.
Sharon feels that with marriage, comes children. It's a responsibility
that you accept when you decide to wed".

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Thanks to Heidi for generously posting these for me.

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Heidi Walsh

Aug 10, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/10/96

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Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 13:14:17 -0700

Heres this weeks Y&R Update

> Y&R
> Josh and Nikki share their secrets in
her favorite place. Victor tries to
get more information on Nikki's mystery
man; Nick and Victoria both call him on
why he's so curious. Nikki evades all
the questions about Josh. Doris encourages
Sharon to be more talkative. Sharon has her
doubts about Grace, but later apologizes
for her insecurity. Nick has a pleasant
surprise for Sharon. Phyllis has a hard
time finding someone to share in her good
fortune, but finally succeeds with an unlikely
prospect. John Silva forces Jill to make a
choice. Things get ugly between Victor and
Mari Jo when he gives in to her demand that
he visit. Jack blames Victor for Mari Jo's
condition. Nina upsets Victoria with news
about Cole. Ryan finds it hard to ignore
Victoria's claims about Nina and Cole.
Olivia allows her anger to get the best
of her, putting her chances of getting
Nate back in jeopardy. Nathan's attempt
to set things right with Olivia comes to
a crashing halt. Olivia finds a surprise
waiting for her at home. Paul and Chris's
honeymoon is filled with surprises-including
the fact that Phyllis is on the same island.

Next Week

Olivia is torn. Victor begins searching
for some information about Nikki's new man.

Red Letter Days and VCR Alerts

none to report.


Watch for the return of Stephanie Simmons,
last played by Vivica A. Fox, on Y&R.

Y&R is on the lookout for a young, African-
American actress to play the recurring role
of a career-minded intern at Genoa City

Classic Lines

(Nikki offers to make an appointment
for her daughter with hunky Dr. Joshua
Victoria:"I would really rather see a
woman gynecologist. I think that's how
most young women feel these days".
Nikki:" I don't feel that way".
Victoria:"I said young women".

Article "Will Nathan's plan end in his death on Y&R?"

Olivia's chances of being reunited with her
son are dashed again this week on Y&R when
she meets with Nathan at a diner and makes
him more determined to remain a part of his
son's life. Nathan suggests to Olivia that
he come home with Nate and they put their
family back together. Olivia blows up, and
Nathan runs off. By week's end, however,
the two meet again-when tragedy strikes.
Adam Lazarre-White says that his character's
proposal wasn't so unrealistic. "Nathan still
loves Olivia," the actor explains. "He's
willing to do whatever he can to make things
best for Nate. What he's saying is that "I'll
live like a boarder in your house; I'll be there
to take care of Nate when you're not around; you'll
be there to take care of him when I'm not around".
To be quite honest, I'm not sure why the writers
didn't have him say, I want to get an apartment
five blocks away. I got it to point where he was
coming in thinking maybe she still loves him and
would be willing to have him back, that she's
over the irrational need to have him eliminated
from Nate's life.By the end of the scene at the diner,
Nathan is basically saying, If you don't want to agree
to have me involved in Nate's life, I don't know how
much you really care about him, because it's obvious
that he needs me as much as he needs you. So it's not
for me; it's for him" After that confrontation,
Nathan returns to Nate, who is longing to see his
mother again. This gets to Nathan. He remembers
all of the happier times with his son and wife, and
he realizes that he will have to bring Nate back.
Then fate intervenes: While Nathan is buying flowers
for Olivia, he notices that Nate is missing. He runs
out into the street and is struck by a car. Nathan is
rushed to the hospital. A doctor recognizes him and
calls Olivia. Lazarre-White agrees that the accident
creates sympathy for Nathan, but "ever since they
decided to make Olivia so dogmatic about having him
totally eliminated from the kid's life, I felt that
it always left a little crack open for sympathy for
Nathan. She's taken it too far. People have affairs,
people make mistakes-many, many, people in this
day and age are having unprotected sex. It's stupid,
but it's certainly not unusual. While you may never
want to have close contact with the man again, to
eliminate him from his son's life from an irrational
fear that he can give him AIDS is too much. I've
gotten alot of response from people who started
turning against Olivia, saying she needs to let
Nathan see his son. And then when Nathan took him,
it switched again-he went to far. All the lawyers
were telling him he was going to get visitation
rights, and that he just had to be patient. But
he didn't want to wait a year to see his son again.
The way that I've been playing it, in the stuff
you'll see in the future, he's pretty sympathetic.
The guy loves his kid. He's still basically a
good guy who lived a good life and has made two
drastic mistakes". Mistakes Olivia most likely
will never let him live down. When she sees Nathan
in the emergency room, she isn't concerned with his
injuries but about Nate's whereabouts. Nathan slips
in and out of consciousness and can't answer her
questions. Olivia finally does get answers, however,
when she goes home and finds an unexpected visitor
at her apartment door.


Who's that Girl?

During Shari Shattuck's first few months
on the show, Y&R kept reminding us that
Ashley and Jack are siblings by giving
Shattuck and Peter Bergman dozens of lines
like, "Hey, big brother" and "Hi, little sis"
But with a little improvisation, the actors
avoided sounding repetitious. "Peter kept
saying, Your good-looking big brother,Jack,
laughs Shattuck. "He loved to throw that in".


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Thanks very much to a wonderful person, Heidi,
for posting these for me. She's the best.

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