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Angela May Assoc Prof Engineers

Dec 19, 1994, 10:19:25 AM12/19/94
Sorry, sorry, sorry for being so late! I didn't get a chance to stay put
long enough to watch the show until the weekend!

Here's what happened on Wednesday. It was great!

Abbott Home
Jill and John Silva are discussing the Jabot Spa offer. While John
thinks it's too good to be true, Jill maintains that it's John's way of
admitting arterial defeat, with the added bonus of getting her out of his
hair. They leave the house, but John S. has to file some documents at the
courthouse before he can meet Jill. He warns her not to sign on the
dotted line until he sees the contract.

John Abbot and Jack are very pleased with their soon-to-be-coup. John
didn't think it would be so easy, but Jack reminds him that they are
appealing to Jill's most primal urges: status, glamour and money.

Nikki is needling Victor about his paying for Sharon's Mom's surgery.
She is adamant that Victor keep this a secret from Nicholas for fear that
he would interpret Victor's deed as a stamp of approval. Victor notes
that he was quite impressed with Sharon (which earns him a "Men!" from
Nikki). Nikki remarks that sometimes smart men can be so dumb.

Hospital Room
Sharon is packing up her Mom's stuff, remarking that it is good to be
going home. Doris agrees, adding that she could have kissed the doctor
when he told her she was released. Sharon teases her mother, suggesting
that the doctor might be single. They continue to exchange smiles and
pleasantries (no kidding, I mean really!)

Roll Theme

Cricket's Pad
Cricket is digging in her purse. Knock at the door - while Christine
thinks it might be Lynne, unfortunately it's Paul. (For the weak of
stomach, if it's not too late, ff here). Cricket reminds Paul that he's
not welcome at her bridal shower, and he offers to hide in the closed
(didn't know he had it in him!) She asks whether his Mother is coming.
He doesn't think so.

Jack and John are hopeful. They believe they're the best influence on
Billy. Jill arrives. They quickly get serious. She's anxious to sign,
and is beaming.

Victor reminds Nikki of her roots -- she was once very much like Sharon,
quite interested in wealth. Nikki balks at this. They agree not to
agree, and Victor goes to leave. Nikki calls him back, and invites
Victor and Hope to a special family Christmas Dinner. Victor grumbles
and softens. He would really like to be there.

Cricket's Apartment
Nina, Olivia, Gina and Lynne arrive with the decorations. Christine is
gone to work. They've got decorations, food, gifts, etc.. The girls
giggle at the fact that Cricket thinks it's only going to be a lingerie
party. They hope that Mary Williams isn't coming, 'cause this is gonnna
be a triple-X party. They set about decorating.

Jill explains that John Silva is on his way. John and Jack explain the
terms of the contract. Jill is taking the bait. She asks if she can
look the contract over. Poker faces watch her read.

Drucilla, Lauren and Laun arrive. The place is all decorated with
balloons (purple, green, yellow, pink, red). Laun hasn't eve been to a
lingerie shower. They explain that it's (you guessed it) An American
Custom. Lauren asks whether Mary is expected. The all say no, and a
general sigh of relief is expressed all around.

Victor asks whether Victoria and Nick would like anything special for
Christmas. Nikki brings up the Collins thing again. She compliments
Victor on his compassion, but pleads with him not to tell Nick.

Sharon's Home
The place has all been decorated. Doris thanks her for preparing the
place for her arrival. Sharon remarks that some good came out of all the
bad things that have happened, since Doris got the surgery she needed.
Sharon vows to repay Victor somehow, someway. Doris remarks that it was
very nice of Nick to bring flowers, and Sharon agrees that he's really a
nice guy.

Tacky Room
Victor goes to the door, and it's opened by Nicholas. Victor wants to
talk to him.

Jack and John A. point out that the offer represents a substantial salary
increase over her present one, and there are ample opportunities for her
housing. Her responsibilities will be enormous, and if this is
successful, they will open more spas in the vacation hot spots and
Europe. Jill is thrilled. Jack produces a pen.

Party Central
Cricket arrives. Gina brings snacks, Laun pops the cork on a bottle of
champagne. Drucilla refuses champagne, and everyone asks if she's
pregnant. Dru finally admits that she's "got one in the oven". They
make a toast. Nina: "To my best friend in the whole wide world, who
will soon have the best underwear." The all laugh and drink to that.

The camera turns to the hallway outside the door. A headless body emerges
from the elevator, holding a large, pink-wrapped box. (Bigger than a
breadbox, you ask? Nope -- it IS a breadbox!). Sheeee's Heeeerrrre!

Tacky Room
Victor stopped by to see how things were going for Nick. He asks about
school, social life. victor asks about Amy. Nick tells him he likes Amy
a lot, but it's Sharon Collins he'd prefer to be with.


They sit down. Victor tells Nick that every man at some time in his life
experiences rejection. Victor encourages Nick not to give up. Nick
tells him it's of no use, and relates the hospital scene, where Sharon
gives him a cold shoulder.

Bridal Shower
Cricket is holding a blue satin bra and panties thing up to herself, with
a devilish grin. It's from Gina. Mary rings the doorbell. Nina is
unpleasantly surprised and allows Mary to enter. Meanwhile, Cricket is
unwrapping a red lace bra. The girls ask her whether she's going to
model it, but Cricket says she'll (gag) save it for Paul. Mary overhears
this and screws up her face and lips (God I hate her mouth).

Jill takes another read. The pressure's on, but Jill wants to wait. She
thanks them for the wonderful opportunity and their faith in her. She
looks at her watch. She sees that the contract is very clear, and
doesn't see anything that John Silva would question. She signs. John
signs, Jill beams and takes her copy. She thanks them and leaves.

Outside the office door, Jill smiles and struts away. Back inside the
office, John and Jack high-five.

(Cold) Shower
Gina is making Cricket's hat (out of the ribbons - glad to see someone
else gets an ugly hat!). Meanwhile, back at the doorway, Nina is asking
Mary if she's sure she wants to be there. Mary asks whether she's making
them feel uncomfortable, and Nina tells her that her concern is just the

Meanwhile, Cricket opens Laun's gift. It's a purple see-through lace
teddy thing with a skirt bottom. She loves it, and (you guessed it)
compliments Laun on catching on to American Customs so easily. She loves
the purple thing so much that she leaps up from the couch and swings
around to show everyone. As she looks through the lacy underthing, she
spies Mary's sourpuss and mutters "oh-oh". Nina announces Mary's arrival.

On cue, Mary hugs Lynne, and introduces herself. Many uncomfortable
looks all around and Nina suggests that Cricket open Mary's gift next.
Great idea. Nina whispers to Lynne that it's probably a chastity belt (LOL).

And..... Guess What!

It's a toaster! Mrs. Williams points out that it heats up in less than
30 seconds (collective "Oh!" from the group, and many smiles). Mary
apologizes for being late and encourages Chris to continue unwrapping.
Mary asks whether Lauren is there.

Nina looks nervously up the stairs and all eyes turn to see Lauren
modelling a hot white peignoire set with garters and stockings. She
announces her arrival by describing how perfect it will be to keep Cricket
comfy 'til she's between the sheets with Paul. Lauren removes her robe
as she descends the stairs, to reveal a short nightie. When she reaches
the bottom of the stairs, she removes the nightie to reveal a white teddy,
just in time to notice Mary. She whips the nightie back on and runs back
up the stairs!

Gina flies in with a tray of desserts, but Mary's seen enough. Cricket
begs her to stay for tea and dessert.

In the background, Dru and Nina giggle at their gifts, which they didn't
let Cricket open in Mary's presence. Dru's is a black leather bra with
matching garter, and Nina's is edible panties -- in seven different
flavours. They go into fits of laughter at the thought of Mary's face
when Cricket would have opened the gifts (or maybe they were just plain
laughing at Mary's mouth!)

Tacky Room
Nick is discouraged, but Victor isn't so sure he should be. Victor
decides not to tell Nick about paying for the surgery right yet.

Nikki dials the phone. Amy answers the other end. Nikki invites Amy
over for Christmas Dinner or to visit sometime during the day. Amy
thinks her for the invite and beams. She'll check with her Mom.

Tacky Room
Nick thanks Victor for being interested. They bond a little more. Nick


Cricket's Place
She's alone, when Paul comes a-knockin'. He says he's the panty police
(gag). Cricket asks if she's under arrest (gag). They smooch
(gaggaggag). He wants a compete report. Cricket says there's not much
to report: it was your typical lingerie ORgy (she likes the word a lot
and gives it special emphasis). She adds that unfortunately the naked men
didn't show up. Paul offers to oblige (all together now: GAG). He asks
if he can see any of the goodies, but Cricket won't let him until they're
married. He asks whether his Mom showed up, and Cricket tells him that
they are the proud new owners of a toaster: but not just any toaster -
it's a four-slicer, that heats up in under 30 seconds! Paul says he's
got that beat by 20 seconds (I'll bet Cricket just can't WAIT for the
wedding night in light of this revelation ;-) !)

John thanks Jack profusely. John Silva calls from the stock Y&R phone
booth. He's been involved in a minor traffic accident, and he will be
delayed. John Abbott tells him not to hurry: the deed's done. John
Silva is really p-ssed off. John and Jack are really pleased with

Doorbell rings and Sharon opens the door to find a vase of flowers in the
hallway by their door. The flowers are from Nicholas. Doris remarks
that Nick is a thoughtful boy, and that it was a lovely thing to do.
Sharon holds the card to her heart and smiles. Nicholas watches from
outside the window, with a smile that could light up all of Genoa City.

The end.

Best wishes to everyone for a very safe and happy Christmas and New


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