Searching for lyrics to Santa Barbara theme song - Can anyone help?

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Aug 5, 2013, 10:19:13 AM8/5/13
Hi, odd request. I'm a translator working on a short story (in French) that quotes the Santa Barabara theme song, but can't find the English lyrics anywhere. The only opening credits I've been able to find online are instrumental).

You can hear the French theme song here:

Based on what the French says that I'm translating, the lyrics should be something like:

Santa Barbara, who can tell me why I'm feeling bad???
Santa Barbara, I don't know, I'm like a drunken boat, taking my memories away.


Maybe it isn't actually based on an English version though, I haven't been able to dig anything up.

Any help much appreciated.

Aug 12, 2017, 3:35:45 PM8/12/17
Yes, actually I can. My husband and I wrote the theme song for Santa Barbara, called Sweet Santa Barbara. It is on My husband is lead singer and my friends sing as well. We had it recorded in my friends' study, Ernie and the Emperors, Goleta, CA. We lived in Santa Barbara for 30 years. I had the CD in 12 stores from Carp, Montecito and out to IV (which lyrics mention that area). It was produced in 2003, but due to my mother's acute illness, we left SB. I have a few copies here at my home. If you have the desire to listen to it for your personal use, I will mail you my CD at no cost to you!! We are proud of our accomplishment. It is a beautiful love song of Santa Barbara, and I miss my sweet SB, California? ... this is frequently used email: Tx!
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