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Philips SuperAuthor

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Beatrix Gerke

Nov 26, 2023, 9:46:02 PM11/26/23
To use Philips SuperAuthor, you need to have the following software components[^7^]:

- dsdmerge: a tool to merge multiple DSD files into one
- Philips Pro Tech: DST Encoder: a tool to compress DSD files into DST format
- Audio-Converter: a tool to convert PCM files into DSD format
- Weiss Saracon: an alternative tool to convert PCM files into DSD format
- Super Author: the main authoring tool to create SACD disc images

You also need to register some DLL files before running Super Author for the first time[^7^]. The steps are as follows:

- Extract the Philips SuperAuthor folder from the downloaded archive and copy it to C:\Program Files
- Copy the Files.dll file from the Philips SuperAuthor folder to C:\Windows\System32
- Double-click on the ClickMeBeforeFirstRunOrAfterPathChange.cmd file in the Philips SuperAuthor folder to register the DLL files

After that, you can run Super Author.exe and follow the wizard guide to import your DSD or DST files, specify track points, text, and album info, and create a disc image file[^6^] [^7^]. The output file will be named DVDIMAGE.DAT and can be opened in UltraISO or another disc burning software. You can then burn it onto a blank DVD and play it on your SACD player.

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How to Create SACD Disc Images with Philips SuperAuthor
If you are looking for a way to create SACD disc images from your DSD files, you might want to try Philips SuperAuthor, a full-fledged authoring tool for the SACD format. In this article, we will show you how to use this software and what you need to prepare before you start.

Philips SuperAuthor

What is SACD?
SACD stands for Super Audio CD, which is a high-resolution audio format that uses Direct Stream Digital (DSD) encoding. DSD is a 1-bit audio format that samples at 2.8224 MHz, which is 64 times higher than the standard CD sampling rate of 44.1 kHz. DSD can capture more details and nuances of the original sound source than PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), which is the encoding method used by CDs and most digital audio formats.

SACD discs can store up to two layers of data: one layer for stereo DSD tracks and another layer for multichannel DSD tracks or hybrid CD tracks. Hybrid CD tracks are compatible with regular CD players, while DSD tracks require special SACD players or DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters) that can decode them.

What is Philips SuperAuthor?
Philips SuperAuthor is a software that allows you to create SACD disc images from your stereo or multichannel DSD files. It has an easy and intuitive user interface that guides you through all the steps, from importing your DSD or DST (Direct Stream Transfer) files, specifying track points, text, and album info, right through to creating a "Scarlet Book II" compliant disc image.

The resulting disc image file, outputted as DVDIMAGE.DAT, can be opened in UltraISO or another disc burning software and burned onto a blank DVD. The resulting disc can then be played as an SACD-R (Recordable SACD) on compatible SACD players.

What do you need to use Philips SuperAuthor?
To use Philips SuperAuthor, you need

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