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Purecybin DMT Cartridges - 1ml - 700mg

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Daniel Lamirande

Apr 24, 2023, 12:03:55 AM4/24/23
Purecybin DMT Cartridges - 1ml - 700mg

Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges - 1ml

The Spirit Molecule extracted from Brazilian Mimosa Hostilis root bark ( Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges)

Fits easy with 510 thread cartridges
Only take in the safety and comfort of your own home. Sense of loss from reality is common and complete audio and visual hallucinations can take place.


4mg DMT per 3 second pull
Light: 1-5 pulls 4 – 24 mg
Medium: 6-10 pulls 24 – 50 mg
Strong: 10+ pulls 50+ mg
Buy Purecybin Carts

Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges is a substance that naturally occurs in animals and plants. But its main form that is usually distributed in a DMT Vape Cartridge is Brazilian mimosa hostilis root bark.

When you consume DMT you will experience visual and auditory hallucinations.

DMT has also shown to have many benefits for people who suffer from anxiety depression, and stress.

In recent years DMT has become something of a phenomenon. Celebrities like Joe Rogan completely endorse this miracle drug with complete confidence.

Effects of DMT

Helps with mood disorders

Feelings of realization

Visual and auditory hallucinations

Feelings of an out of body experience

How to take DMT

This is the highest quality DMT cartridge on the market. Each pull will grant you moments of DMT bliss.

The benefits of our Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges are:

Fit on 510 thread cartridges

Portable and quick recharge

Easy to manage doses

DMT Vape Pen Dosage Guidelines

A Micro Dose: 1-5 pulls (4-24mg DMT)

Results in a light and mild head high, but your still in full control.

A Medium Dose: 6-10 pulls (24-50mg DMT)

You will experience light hallucinogenic effects.

A STRONG Dose: 10 or more pulls (50+mg of DMT)

You are going to blast off and have a full hallucinogenic high.

Note: Only take in the safety and comfort of your own home. Sense of loss from reality is common and complete audio and visual hallucinations can take place.

Ideal Setting

Only take in the safety and comfort of your own home. Furthermore, sense of loss from reality is common and complete audio and visual hallucinations can take place.


Increased Heart Rate

DMT causes an increase in heart rate. Therefore, do not use it if you have a heart condition.

Psychological Issues

The incidence of psychotic episodes associated with DMT is rare but individuals with a personal or family history of any psychotic illness or nonpsychotic mania should not take this product.

Food / Diet

Foods that contain high amounts of tyramine should be avoided within 24 hours.


SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
CNS depressants (Xanax, Ativan, etc)
Appetite suppressants
Antihypertensives (high blood pressure medicine)
Medicine for asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory problems
Allergy and cold medications
Migraine medicines
Mescaline cacti (peyote and San Pedro)

What is DMT?

Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a psychedelic chemical that occurs naturally in both  plants and animals from underwater organisms to land mammals. DMT is also the  active hallucinogenic compound in ayahuasca, a tea brewed from the shrub Psychotria  viridis used for ritual purposes by indigenous people in the Amazon.

DMT Experience

Many factors contribute to the Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges experience, including dose, mindset, setting, and  your body’s personal chemistry. With that in mind, each individual journey will be unique  to the person, time, and place, and there’s no way to predict exactly what will happen.  That being said, Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges does induce some common experiences and effects that can help  you prepare for your journey. Buy DMT in USA safely at


(1) Ayahuasca – A type of plant that grows in South America, which also happens to contain N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. Ayahuasca is commonly used in South America for  shamanistic rituals.

(2) The Toad – Certain types of Toads carry DMT as a defense mechanism against predators. This type of DMT is also known as 5-MEO, which is a much more  potent form of DMT than that of the Ayahuasca plant.

The Effects Of DMT

The Purecybin offers a wide variety of DMT products, therefore trips and trip intensities can vary. But, if you take a couple of deep inhales from one of  Purecybin DMT Vapes  for sale you can expect to see some mild visual hallucinations of  shapes and patterns. If you are an artist, this can be a life changing experience. Buy  DMT Cartridge & Battery and buy dmt cartridge online in USA.

The Benefits Of DMT
Feel peaceful and relaxed.
Have a positive mentality.
Be more empathetic and connected.
Increase your mental focus.
Enhance colors and physical perceptions.
Increase your energy and drive.

Risks of DMT

Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges induces a feeling of separation between the mind/soul and the body. Losing this  connection can catalyze an incredibly powerful and profound shift in consciousness, but  it can also produce symptoms of depersonalization.
Moreover, the same study that found decreased anxiety- and depression-like symptoms  in rats that received microdoses of DMT also found increased neuro atrophy, which is  not observed in periodic administration of higher doses. More studies are required to  determine the risks and benefits of microdosing DMT.

DMT in Popular Culture 

I can attribute most of my extensive knowledge of DMT from Mr. Google and the other  half from
Fear Factor Host and UFC commentator, Mr. Joe Rogan. He has a little podcast, called  the “Joe Rogan Experience” (link to podcast), where he talks about his hobbies and  interests. Some of these interests happen to include psychedelics and DMT. Click here  to see more of his podcast.


Another very popular celebrity and boxing legend, Mike Tyson(link to Mike Tyson Wiki  page?), has
become a very vocal advocate of DMT. Tyson has his own podcast on which he  frequently smokes marijuana and mentions DMT, all while interviewing his guests. Many high-profile celebrities have appeared on Tyson’s podcast  in recent years. Tyson has even gone as far as saying that the use of DMT was what  drove him back into the boxing ring in November of 2020. To see Tyson’s podcast, click  this link. (link)

Where to Buy DMT Carts Online in USA

You can find all the different forms of DMT products available on the psychedelic market  from a trusted source like Finding trustworthy psychedelics in Canada  can sometimes be a difficult task. Buy high quality DMT online in USA at Become a member and stay up to date on the latest in the  world of DMT. Buy DMT online with confidence at Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges

Directly from Brazil, we bring to you: Mimosa Hostilis inner Rootbark Brazil.  Our MHRB Brazil comes in powdered form and is shipped with USPS priority mail four 3-4 day delivery anywhere in the United States. This type of MHRB Brazil Powder is exclusively available to USA customers. Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges.

Native Use:

The Aztecs already knew of the Mimosa tree during pre-Columbian times. The name Tepezcohuite, which is now common in Mexico, is derived from the Aztec ‘tepus-cuahuitl’ or ‘metal tree’. That refers to the tree’s extremely hard wood. Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges

For many centuries, the Aztecs and other indigenous groups used the Mimosa Hostilis inner Rootbark Brazil to treat skin burns and wounds. They also used it to make tea. This tree plays a major role in the traditions of different indigenous tribes in both South, Central and North America. Furthermore, Mimosa hostilis/tenuiflora is an excellent body paint or natural coloring agent for textiles. Our powdered MHRB Brazil gives off an enchanting shade of purple when used as a dye. Buy DMT 1ml purecybin carts

Scientific Information:

This species came to the attention of scientists just over 150 years ago, but it was hardly studied until the 1980s. Currently, people use MHRB Brazil all over the world. It is the subject of medical, pharmacological, preclinical and clinical research. Buy Purecybin DMT Cartridges

Mimosa Hostilis inner Rootbark Brazil is especially promising when it comes to skin care and regeneration. According to Laura Elizabeth Valencia-Gómez(2016), Mimosa hostilis has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial  properties. It can play a large role in the regeneration of human skin cells. Scientists are looking at the possibility of having Mimosa hostilis processed into films that can be applied for faster skin regeneration after wounds or burns.  These regenerative effects is also one of the reasons that you see Mimosa root bark in an increasing number of skin cremes and other cosmetic products.

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