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Nitzer Ebb

Sep 1, 1991, 3:56:11 PM9/1/91
yker was back in his quarters. Deanna really had him hard up
there on the bridge. Her milky white breast made his mouth water. He
wanted her even more. "Replicator, I want a copy of a late 20th
century film called Deep Throat, and I want all versions of it,
including Deep Throat II!!" The films materialized. They were the
interactive holographic remakes of the mid 21st century. "Perfect."
As he was about to view them, a voice called him. It was Deanna, she
was using her Betazoid abilities to reach him. "Will, join us, join us
in sickbay!" Ryker put the films down and headed to sickbay. Once
there he saw Dr. Crusher massaging Troi's breasts, while Troi fingered
Crusher. "My favorite part Doctor. May I?" Dr. Crusher smiled," I've
always told you to come in for a genital examination, now I'll get to
have a first hand look!!!" She opened his uniform and rubbed her hands
on his hairy chest. Her hand followed his midsection to his crotch.
"It seems warm and soft, but it is hardening!!" Ryker brushed aside
Crusher's fiery red hair and slid his hand down her back. Her ass was
very soft and warm. "You know Doctor, I must examine you vagina." She
smiled, "Of course, Commander...." She stood up and slid out of her
uniform. Her large soft breasts bounced lightly. Ryker licked the
large hard brown nipples. He went over to Troi. She was topless.
Ryker slipped most of his uniform off, but the remaining part was
caught on his ankles. He didn't care. Troi grabbed his dick, "You
brought my favorite popsicle Will!" She put it in her mouth and
smiled. Ryker leaned back. Dr. Crusher stood on the bed and leaned
her wet pussy over Ryker's mouth. "Yumm!" He began to lick. Crusher
moaned in ecstatic agony. She grasped the light on the ceiling and her
long red hair sprayed across her naked back. Ryker pulled his dick out
of Troi's mouth. She kneeled. Crusher kneeled infront of her. Ryker

penetrated. Troi moaned. It had been a long time for her, but she
remembered. "Wiggle it around. Oh that's it, more, more...." Her and
Crusher locked mouths and massaged each others breasts. Ryker worked
Troi, she reached infront and slid her fingers into Crusher and worked
her. After a few minutes they changed positions. Crusher lied down.
As Ryker slid it in she mutter between breaths, "It's been a long time
since I've known a man..." As sweat poured down his face Ryker said,
"Well let me reintroduce you!" He put it in forcefully Crusher
moaned. Troi worked her way to Crusher's face. "Nobody ever said you
can't have both at once..." She sat on her face, and Crusher ate. In
a few seconds Troi came. Sweat poured off her breasts, as she grasped
Ryker from behind. Crusher move in when Ryker moved out, out when
Ryker moved in. In the heat of the passion she glanced at the table
next to the bed, she thought that she was hallucinating, but she wasn't
it was Wesley. He was less than and inch tall. He was sitting on a
pencil jacking off to live orgy infront of him. Dr. Crusher grabbed a
mug on the table, and slammed it on Wesley, trapping him. She
continued with her work.

The conference room was filled with the senior officers. All of
them seemed more relaxed and cheerful. Picard addressed them. "I
assume all of you know of what has been happening on this ship for the
past several days. The bizarre sensual feelings of the crew have seem
to cause mass orgies, and spontaneous sexual acts. Last night in Ten
Forward Gainan quit because she was tired of people having sex on the
bar. There has been sperm stains on the wall of the Turbo Shaft, and
the computer reports mass replications of pornography and sex toys.
All that we know is that something out there is drawing us nearer to
Nimbus III. Mr. Data has a report on the situation there." Data stood
infront of the view-screen. "As we all know Nimbus III is the former

'Planet of Galactic Peace', but this was all ended due to an encounter
made by the legendary Captain James T. Kirk. An outcast Vulcan named
Cybog took hostage the treaty members and soon thereafter, took control
of the Enterprise and led it to the Galactic Center." The screen
showed the video log. Capt. Kirk was exactly as Troi imagined him to
be: arrogant, reckless, assholish, but yet strangely attractive. She
payed attention to the briefing. "...As of 3 hours ago we have
detected an energy pattern similar to that being admitted from the
intelligence at the center at the Galaxy. Our long range sensors have
also detected three humanoids in the abandoned Paradise City. We can
only speculate on what is going on Sir." Picard spoke," When will we
arrive?" Data replied, "Within a day sir." "Very well, LaForge your
report." Jordi LaFroge came to front of the room. "I have been trying
to put a stop to the roach problem that we have been having in
Engineering. It seems that they are already responsible for the
malfunction of several minor systems. I've been trying to shield us
from the Romulan's transporter signal, so that they cannot beam any
more over, but it seems that the strength and frequency of their beam
is something that we cannot block. With the help of Dr. Crusher I have
been working on ultrasonic traps to kill the pests. Dr. Crusher can
detail you on the progress of that." Beverly Crusher spoke. "Indeed
Sir, it seems that the Romulan roach is very susceptible to ultra
sound. I am currently testing the device in my lab. So far it seems
to be working, but on every fifth generation we must change the
frequency. The Romulan roaches adapt very quickly, and within 3
months, the devices will be in the range to affect humans. Sir I
recommend that we dry dock, and have the ship fumigated." Picard
rubbed his face. "Make it so after we find out what is happening on
Nimbus III. Until then I want you to continue you ultra-sound
experiments, and I want you to spread the word to every crew member to

throw away their garbage and not to leave any food lying around. That
includes all of you." He looked at Warf eating a Klingon boar rib,
"That includes you too Mr. Warf!!!" Warf dropped the rib, and wiped
his mouth. "Yes sir!".
Later that day Dr. Crusher returned to her lab. A faint wining
sound filled the room. She looked around, and lifted the mug. A tiny
Wesley sprinted from underneath. Dr. Crusher grabbed him. "Now I have
you, you fucking little ungrateful brat." Wesley squirmed in his
mother's hand. "Don't fight it son, I have something special for
you!" She walked over to the counter where she was doing her roach
experiments. A two sided clear container laid on the table. On one
side were the roaches, on the other was food. Dr. Crusher removed the
food. "I always knew that Betazoid chocolate was your favorite, why
not have a mouthful!" She smeared Wesley's body with the orange treat,
and placed him in the container. Wesley screamed at the top of his
voice: "Mom wait! Wait, I didn't know it was you getting fucked, I
thought it was Troi, you were just too big to see! Please stop, you
can't do this!!" Dr. Crusher took two of the largest roaches she could
find and placed them in the other side of the container. "Wesley I
know about you having Data fake your grades, I know about you secret
HoloDeck sex programs, I know about the Antarien opium that you smoke.
I've had enough of you, but before I let the roaches have you I just
want you to know that your father didn't die in the line of duty, I
killed him! He was sleeping with a Klingon whore in my bed! I was
outraged. I went into his den and took the sword that was given to him
on Antares IV. I cut her head off, and cut your father from head to
toe!! Afterwards I told Picard he was killed in action when he stood
infront of an industrial laser!!! Like father like son!" Wesley
screamed, "You fucking bitch you killed my father!!!!" He kicked the
walls of the container, hoping to break them, but nothing happened.

Crusher spoke with a sickly sarcastic voice, "Now, now, my dear son, it
will all be over very soon...." She slowly slid the other side of the
container open. The purple 48 legged roaches pried their antennae in
the opening. Wesley backed against the wall. He looked in the bag the
he was carrying for something to stop them. A thirty year old phasor
that he was working on was in there. He grabbed it, "Please be
charged, please!!!" He shook the ancient weapon. The meter lit up.
It had just enough power to fire once on the kill setting. Dr. Crusher
slid the door halfway open. The roach's fat body was halfway through.
Wesley pointed the phasor at the roach. "Die fucker!!!!" He fired
and missed. The phasor melted the rest of the door ant the roaches
rushed in. Wesley pointed the phasor at himself, "I don't want to die
like this!!!!" He fired, but nothing happened. He ran to the other
side of the container. The larger roach turned around, and move very
fast in his direction. Wesley threw the phasor at it. He started
backing up as the roach drew closer. Suddenly he felt a piercing pain
in his abdomen The other roach grasped Wesley from behind. He
screamed. The roaches started fighting over him. As Wesley screamed
the first roach grabbed his leg and pulled. The other moved back. He
felt his flesh tearing. In seconds he was dismembered. The roach
dropped Wesley and ate his leg. The other went for him. Barely alive,
Wesley crawled, but it was too late, the Romulan roach grabbed Wesley's
head with its manipulators, and bit it off. A decapitated body fell to
the bottom of the container. Dr. Crusher smiled. "Good boys."

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