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Super Cat - Discography (1985 -

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Jude Rhynes

Dec 3, 2023, 4:00:42 AM12/3/23
"Without even considering the superb song-craft on this album and its can't-get-this-damn-song-out-of-my-head hooks, the cultural impact of 1989 is undeniable. Not only has everyone heard at least a few songs off of this album, but it also helped define the pop sound of this decade, ushering in a new wave of '80s-inspired synths. Its themes of independence and freedom resonate with mass audiences, whilst concurrently reminding us that pop music doesn't have to be vapid. How often do we get albums as multi-talented as this?"

"The best collection of everything Aretha does well in one statement: sweaty, soulful and devastating. Her voice is canon, and deservedly so, but the sharp songwriting, swampy arrangements and timeless production make this record stand out in an already otherworldly discography. The fact that 'Chain of Fools,' 'Natural Woman' and 'Ain't No Way' all arrived on the same album is absurd."

Super Cat - Discography (1985 -

"Kick ass album by my all time favorite guitarist. Super turbo modern sounding without being unappealing to a boomer, super accessible and easy to get into, but at points incredibly angular and hugely idiosyncratic. So much pop hooks, so much guitar fuzz."

Ronn was a subsidiary of Jewel Records, started in 1967 as an "uptown R&B and jazz" subsidiary. It was named for owner Stan Lewis' younger brother, Ronny Lewis.

The first hit on Ronn was Ronn 3, "Nothing Takes the Place of You" by Toissaint McCall, which reached#5 on the R&B charts in late spring, 1967. McCall was a singer/keyboardist from Monroe, Louisiana. His followup single, "I'll Do It for You" [Ronn 9] made #26 in the summer of 1967, but the next fivesingles, and his album, failed to chart. McCall apparently went back to Monroe and was not heard fromagain until 1988, when he was seen lip-synching his hit "Nothing Takes the Place of You" in the MovieHairspray.

As to further chart singles on Ronn, that would pretty much be limited to Ted Taylor and Little JohnnyTaylor, who each had a number of R&B charters. Besides the Taylors and Toussaint McCall, other Ronnsingles artists included Buster Benton, Clarence Carter, Artie White, Ernie Johnson, Elmore James,Frank Frost, Joe Turner, Barbara West, Tommy Ridgeley, Cash McCall, the In Crowd, Ron Martin,Dumas King, Danny & Jerry, Patti Walker, Frankie St. Clair, Big Mac, Lynn Hilburn, Eddie Powers, JoeValentine, Bill Rush, Little Duck & the Quackers, Al King, Al Prince, Billy Keene, Clay Hammond, NaAllen, the Genies, Carolyn Montgomery, Skip Trenier & the Treniers, Willie Rogers, Brenda George, theFour Shades, the Essence, Bill Perry, Casey Jones, Isaac Taylor, the Patterson Twins, NarcheeFlanagan, and Ronnie Taylor.

Ted Taylor had recorded for several other labels (notably Okeh) before signing with Jewel in 1965.When Ronn was started in 1967, Taylor's offerings were shifted to that label. Taylor's given name wasAustin Taylor (he was born in Oklahoma), and under that name he had a minor chart hit in 1960 with"Push Push" [Laurie 3067, #90 pop]. He was a veteran of the music scene, having previously been in theGlory Bound Travelers and Mighty Clouds of Joy, both gospel groups, and the R&B/pop group theCadets/Jacks. His first chart hit for Ron was "It's Too Late" [Ronn 34], which reached #30 on the R&Bcharts in late summer, 1969. He followed that the next summer with "Something Strange Is Goin' On"[Ronn 44, #26 R&B], and the next summer with "How's Your Love Life Baby" [Ronn 52, #44 R&B]. Hisfinal chart entry for Ronn was in the summer of 1973 with "What a Fool" [Ronn 72, #93 R&B].

Although blues singer/harmonica player Little Johnny Taylor claimed to be Ted Taylor's cousin, theyapparently were not related. Little Johnny Taylor was born Johnny Merrett in Arkansas. Like Ted Taylor,he was also formerly with the Mighty Clouds of Joy, and also the Stars of Bethel, both gospel groups. He started recording secular music in 1963, when he signed with Fantasy's subsidiary, Galaxy Records,out of San Francisco. There he had seven chart singles, including the #1 R&B hit "Part Time Love"[Galaxy 722] in 1963. By 1967, he was off the charts and didn't return until he signed with RonnRecords. His first single for Ronn was "Make Love to Me Baby"/"Sweet Soul Woman" [Ronn 43] in 1970,which didn't chart. After two more non-charters, he finally hit pay dirt with "Everybody Knows About MyGood Thing" [Ronn 55], which reached #9 on the R&B charts in late 1971. His followup, "It's My FaultDarling" [Ronn 59] only made #41, but "Open House at My House" [Ronn 64] put him back in the R&Btop-20 at #16 in summer, 1972. Two more chart singles, "I'll Make It Worth Your While" [Ronn 69, #37,1973] and "You're Savin' Your Best Loving For Me" [Ronn 78, #83, 1974] rounded out his chart career.

Little Johnny Taylor and Ted Taylor recorded several duets in the 1970s, which were released on analbum called The Super Taylors [Ronn LPS-7533].

Texas blues guitarist Buster Benton was another of Ronn's interesting artists. Although he didn't chart,his albums are still sought after. Benton played guitar on G.L. Crockett's 1965 top-10 R&B hit "It's a ManDown There" [4 Brothers 445], and toured with Joe Tex and Willie Dixon's band, in addition to recordingfor several small labels under his own name in the 1960s and 1970s. He began recording for Jewel in1974, with his most famous number coming that year with "Spider in My Stew" [reissued on Ronn 105].

The Ronn label continued issuing singles until the mid-1980s, and has reissued most of its LPs on CDduring the 1990s. It was sold with the Jewel masters to the Fuel 2000 label around 2001, and that labelhas been reissuing Ronn material on CDs. The Ronn label was red withblack print.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an informationweb page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no associationwith Jewel/Paula/Ronn Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in thisdiscography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Follow theinstructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2006 by Mike Callahan.

Bow Wow is one of the early Japanese metal bands. Starting in the late 70s the band released several albums. In the 80s they released Glorious Road (1980), Telephone (1980), Hard Dog (1981)
Asian Volcano (1982), and Warning from Stardust (1982). In 1984 the band changed their name to Vow Wow and released the albums Beat of Metal Motion (1984), Cyclone (1985), III (1986)
V (1987) and Vibe (1988). Kyoji Yamamoto is considered a guitar virtuoso and is known for his skillful style.

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