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[ENT] MJC's 2-cents Review: In a Mirror Darkly (p1)

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Mean Joe Cool

Apr 27, 2005, 3:51:47 PM4/27/05
In a Mirror, Darkly (part 1), Prod#ST:ENT 194

Synopsis: In the mirror universe, Commander Archer mutinies against
Captain Forrest in order to capture an alternate future Earth ship
found in Tholian space.

MJC Review:

The Drama -

Wow! Who would have thought that there could have been so many action
scenes packed into a one-hour episode? This was definitely a well
thought out story. Even the intro scenes showed aspects of the
alternate universe rather than what viewers have been used to for the
last four seasons. The alternate universe theme song was better, too!
Despite the fact that there wasn't much on character development, the
Archer/Forrest conflict dramatized some of the back-stabbing,
plotting, and scheming that would be typical for people of this mirror
universe. It was almost like a chess game. Each would make their move
while trying to anticipate the others next move. The emotional
dramatization of these alternate characters were fun to watch. It did
seem like the actors were having fun doing these scenes. I'm not sure
if it would be appropriate for T'Pol to have a goatee, but she did
show some liveliness in this alternate character.

There was a also a good tie-in with the TOS episode, 'Tholian Web'.
The disappearance of the Defiant from that episode and its mysterious
emergence in the alternate universe had a good, basic, and sound
science fiction explanation. The details of the Defiant were well
done! Uniform insignia, registry number, wall panels , and
instrumentation were all actuate for what was from that era. A very
good job and thanks goes to the production staff for being able to
recreate such a likeness to the TOS era!!

Overall, this episode served well and stayed true to the TOS original
episode, "Mirror, Mirror". Once again, humanities true basic colors
showed through from Cochrane's first shot at Vulcans to the agony
chamber. A job well done.

Tid Bits -

1) Mayweather is a MACO dude!

2) Hoshi is a Ho.

3) Porthos is a real dog.

4) Forrest dies again.

5) We get to see a whole Tholian!

What it all means -

The evil universe finds out what happened to the Defiant from TOS.

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MJC 200504.24
Copyright 2005

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