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[ENT] MJC's 2-cents Review: Demons

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Mean Joe Cool

May 12, 2005, 2:37:50 AM5/12/05
Demons, Prod#ST:ENT 196

Synopsis: A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine
talks to form a new coalition of planets.

MJC Review:

The Drama -

Xenophobic mania has gained more momentum on earth as a result of the
Xindi attack and other alien earth threatening events. Paxton has
taken upon himself to be the focal point of this movement. He was
certainly a very determined and focused character. Paxton came across
as a very good adversary and challenge for Archer to deal with. It
seems that Paxton has thought out his actions and planned it well. He
truly believed that his cause was just and that the ends of his
actions will justify the means. It's not clear what role the
vulcan/human hybrid baby will play or how he got the baby or made her.
That issue will certainly play a more pivital plot in the follow-up

Speaking of T'Pol and Trip, what a shock it must have been to them to
find out that there was a child created from their DNA! Trip initially
felt betrayed and thought for a while that T'Pol somehow was once
pregnant, then may have given away the fetus. That thought later
subsided after follow-up discussions with T'Pol. T'Pol, in her usual
Vulcan self, feels a psychic link with the baby. It's not clear yet
how this baby issue will affect the T'Pol/Trip soap opera, but the
fate of the baby will certainly make for some good character drama in
the next episode.

Section 31 guy makes a brief appearance to help Archer uncover the
mystery going on. It may cost Reed his loyalties once more, but since
the series is ending there will be little if any story time room to
develop that on going saga.

It's not quite clear where earth's minister stands. He admits that in
his youth he was involved with the Terra Prime organization, but now
has matured to understand better. There was also some reluctance in
trusting Archer with information regarding the investigation going on
with the death of the medical technician. One thing was for certain
and that was he certainly played the role of a typical politician. At
least in that aspect, everyone knows what his motivations will be.

Tid Bits -

1) Mayweather meets up with an old flame.

2) Paxton admires Colonel Green.

3) It was a bit of a science reach to fire the deflector energy array
from Mars and hit a target on the moon. But it was kind of neat!

4) Laser drills in the mines looks like the laser canon from the TOS
pilot 'The Cage'.

What it all means -

Xenophobic mania has started on earth.

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MJC 200505.08
Copyright 2005

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