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Mean Joe Cool

May 2, 2005, 4:26:50 AM5/2/05
In a Mirror, Darkly (part 2), Prod#ST:ENT 195

Synopsis: In the mirror universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century
Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab.

MJC Review:

The Drama -

Archer's psychotic behavior comes full fledged when he not only just
wants a command of his own, but to be emperor himself! His paranoid
and schizophrenia attitude was reminiscent of lead poisoned roman
aristocrats. He felt that everyone was out to get him and that there
was no one he could trust. He even imagined another Archer talking to
him and telling him what should be done. A very deranged character for
Bakula to play, but he did it quite well.

Archer was already paranoid that all non-humans were out to get him,
so he had all the aliens transported to the Avenger. Soval and T'Pol
try to lead a plot to steal the data from the Defiant and destroy that
ship. They even recruited Phlox with the prospect of females. The end
result in this terran ruled universe was their failure and the
destruction of the Avenger. It was interesting to see how the two
sides plotted to use the Defiant to their advantage.

Aside from all the plots and sub-plots for power by all the
characters, the recreation of the Defiant's bridge and inside decks
was quite remarkable. All the classic sound effects of the TOS series
were recreated with detail. Phasers and photons torpedoes firing, red
alert klaxon, and all the background blips and beeps of the ship were
there. Someone went to great lengths to pay attention to detail. For
that, they get an A+!

If the Enterprise series would have continued, this story line mirror
universe version would have made for some great future mirror universe
episodes like the DS9 saga was able to do.

Tid Bits -

1) Mayweather consorts with Hoshi.

2) Nice CGI of a Gorn.

3) TOS series constitution ships weren't shown having aft weapons.

4) T'Pol predicts the demise of the Terrans (see DS9 mirror universe

5) Hoshi and T'Pol get in a cat fight.

6) Mirror Soval has a goatee, though not as cool looking as Mirror

What it all means -

Hoshi is now the Empress.

4 cool peace signs
MJC 200505.01
Copyright 2005

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