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Mean Joe Cool

May 16, 2005, 4:00:56 AM5/16/05
Terra Prime, Prod#ST:ENT 197

Synopsis: A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet
Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately.

MJC Review:

The Drama -

Archer and Paxton represent two different directions for humanity.
Archer symbolized the future to what we know as the Federation while
Paxton was the isolationist who also followed the purity ideals of
Colonel Green. Paxton controlled the array on Mars and was willing to
use it to destroy Starfleet Command HQ to prove his point. The purpose
of the Vulcan/human baby he created was revealed as part of his
broadcast to earth. Paxton used the baby to show how "alien" humanity
would be if they continued their quest to join the intergalactic
community. In many ways that played right into the fears of many
humans as in this era, alien contacts and associations were still
something feared by them. Whether Paxton really believed in his cause
or not, it was clear that Paxton was using that fear of aliens to grab
power. The classic signs of a future dictator.

Paxton presented quite an adversarial challenge for Archer. Paxton was
just not one person with a big weapon on Mars. He also had a strong
and vocal support on earth. For Archer, the question was how do you
stop Paxton without playing into his hands and inciting more Terra
Prime support on earth. Archer had to devise a secretive and covert
means to infiltrate Paxton's ship and stop him at all costs. Hitching
a ride behind a comet was clever. Nice special effects, too. The side
chat during the Archer/Paxton fight was interesting, but in the end it
became brute force against brute force that determined the outcome
and, of course, Trip diverting the weapons targeting system to the
water in San Francisco bay instead of Starfleet HQ. This time, Trip
saved the day, but Archer still gets the main character hero credit,
as well.

The most emotional and dramatic part of this story was T'Pol and Trip
coping with the baby that was cloned from their genes. Despite how and
why it was created, their parental instincts definitely kicked in.
Saving the baby wasn't just a matter of doing it because to was the
right thing to do, but because it is what they felt they had to do at
all cost. The scenes of T'Pol with the baby was very mother like and
moving. Trips father instincts kicked right in as he tried to do what
he could to save T'Pol and the baby. The baby's death was very
dramatic for them both. They truly felt that they had lost their
child, who they named Elizabeth (after Trips sister who died in the
Xindi attack). Had the series continued, there would be no doubt that
this would have been the focal point that would have brought them
together as a real couple.

Reed meets up with section 31 man for the information on Mars as well
as what Paxton's motivations were behind the baby he created. The
meeting in the dark ally again was kind of cool to portray the secret
way that Section 31 does things. Whether he admits it or not, Reed
still works for Section 31.

After the Archer saves the day, he had to do one last heroic effort -
to convince the Vulcans, Andorians, and other species, that despite
what had occurred, humanity was ready to and willing to bring together
an alliance of worlds together for all to benefit. This was perhaps
his best moment for the last four seasons. After all he had to
overcome, the things he had done, and challenges he new were yet to be
faced, he was still able to tell everyone that this alliance was the
best thing for all. It seemed natural for him, because he seemed to
speak these words from his heart and soul - a true believe in a united
alliance. If one every wanted to know who and what Archer was really
all about, this last scene of him revealed what kind of character he
truly was.

Tid Bits -

1) Mayweather's old flame is a Starfleet intelligence officer.

2) Hoshi gets to command Enterprise!

3) Cool scenes of Mars. Nice tribute to the Carl Sagan Memorial!

What it all means -

The seeds for the United Federation of Planets have been planted.

4 cool peace signs
MJC 200505.15
Copyright 2005

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