DESPERATELY seeking lastest version of "BEGIN"

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David Weller

Nov 29, 1992, 5:05:22 PM11/29/92
Many years ago, there existed a very nice game for the PC called
"Begin". It was a called a "Tactical Starship SImulation" and
was rather well done, even though it only used IBM-PC graphic
characters. The last version I saw was version 1.65 (file dated
somewhere around Feb 1989).

The author was Tom Nelson. The company was CLockwork Software.
I am looking for the latest version of this software, or some
mechanism to contact Tom Nelson. If any kind people out here can
help, I would be more than grateful. The BBS numbers given
in the documentation are no longer working. As far as I can
tell, Mr. Nelson has disappeared (teleported? :-) from the planet.

All clues welcome.

Quantum Buc

Dec 2, 1992, 8:51:17 AM12/2/92
to (David Weller) writes:

> All clues welcome.

Not to be pessimistic, but as far as I can tell, that was the last version
ever put out. About 6 months ago, I dug out my copy from 1989, and started
playing it again. Enjoying it, I started checking BBoards all over for an
update, including CSERVE. 1.65 was the latest ANYBODY had. I made a few
inquiries, but nobody had ever hear of it, or the author again. I didn't
persue it any further, but if you uncover anything, please let me know.
It's still really good! (I played it just before logging in this morning!)

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