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Joseph W Reiss

Sep 16, 1992, 11:10:55 PM9/16/92

Okay, folks. The time is rapidly approaching when the first episode
of the sixth season will be hitting the airwaves. Of course, we're
all hoping that it's a hit period, but then again, you can't please
all the people...

Anyway, I made mention quite some time ago about an idea that I had.
I said that I would like to establish a weekly feature on this
newsgroup. If all the reviewers who catch the new episodes early in
the week would be kind enough to e-mail me simple numerical or A-F
ratings of the shows, with no spoilers or other comments, I'd be more
than willing to type these up nice and pretty and post them, along
with an average, so people who don't get to see the episode until
later in the week but who don't like spoilers can still get some idea
of the quality of episode they can expect. I know I'd be interested
myself, since my hometown station doesn't show the new episodes until
11am on Sun.

So, to all you early bird reviewers... Whaddaya say? I'm game if you

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