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Josh Renaud

Mar 8, 1996, 3:00:00 AM3/8/96

Mr. Lynch, let me say that I love your reviews, and I appreciate your
taking the time to do them all these years... They are very thorough and
most of the time echo my own thoughts on the episodes.

First, the issue of the recent Ferrengi episodes. I will agree with you
on the issue of using the prohets in "Prophet Motive," however I did feel
that was an extremely amusing episode. More importantly was "Bar
Association" which I thought was superb. It featured very good
characterization and subplots, and I felt it was funny at the times it
needed to be, and serious at the times it needed to be. Definitely this
was a good episode.

The Klingon episodes this season are a mix. I thought Sword of Kahless
was weak, but Sons of Mogh was terrific. It was a sort of tragic episode
to me, and I really liked it.

My biggest nit with you this season was your review of Crossfire. It is
openly known you do not like the "Odo/Kira Romance Thing." For a while, I
kind of agreed with you, especially after Heart of Stone, which I felt
mischaracterized Odo.. But Crossfire was a terrifically tragic episode,
and let me tell you, the first time I watched it, I was really
heartbroken. The writing and acting and execution of this episode really
made me feel something, and I think it did for many of the people here.
This episode impacted me as much (maybe more) as The Visitor did.. I was
a little upset at the way you passed this episode off. Sure, the Odo/Kira
Romance hasn't been handled the best, but this episode was extremely
good.. I think perhaps you were biased before you even saw it, which
affected you as you reviewed it. Please keep these things in mind when
you watch Crossfire again for your season-end review.. I sincerely hope
you reevaluate your decision to rate Crossfire so low.. It was a
memorable show!

Josh Renaud
"The ORIGINAL DS9 Diehard"

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