Isaac Asimov has died

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Chuq Von Rospach

Apr 6, 1992, 11:47:02 AM4/6/92
It was announced on the radio this morning that Isaac Asimov died last night
(Sunday, April 5) in New York City of heart failure. I'd (coincidentally)
talked to Charlie Brown at Locus on saturday, and he'd mentioned that he was
back in the hospital as of Friday and hadn't been expected to survive the
weekend. Unfortunately, he was right.

While I haven't been much of a fan of his recent writings, there's no
question as to Asimov's importance in the field. Another piece of what
makes SF special has fallen by the wayside, and we're less than we were
because of it.

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And lo, though I travel through the valley of the archetypes, I shall fear
no evil, for I know that the author can't kill me off for at least another
150 pages, no matter how stupid or trite I become, or he ruins the book.

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