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William Henry Hsu

Jul 10, 1993, 3:55:52 PM7/10/93
In article <> (Keith Meng-Wei Loh) writes:
>ken...@uhunix3.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Kennan Ferguson) writes:
>>This thread is getting a little cluttered. Can we limit it to the Grand List,
>>suggestions about the list, and the occasional added spoiler?
>People may email me if they wish to save bandwidth at:
>>If you want to discuss twilight zone episodes, start a new thread.
>TZ episodes are not part of the rec.arts.MOVIES charter, I would
>think. There are appropriate TV groups.

How about the ending of _Return to the Planet of the Apes_, where the
Earth is destroyed by one of the leads who gets shot and pulls the trigger on
the big H-bomb? Or has this been done before?

You know, I've been thinking about doing an "Ultimate Spoiler" for
rec.arts.sf.written (including fantasy works) for a long time (over 2 years)
but felt that I hadn't read enough to make it worth my while (i.e. too many
books would get spoiled for me). For one thing, I had the Gandalf/Balrog/
return of Gandalf spoiled by reading a cartoon synopsis when I was little,
and had the Gollum/Orodruin ending of LoTR spoiled by a quick browse through
a copy of Cliff's Notes.

Nowadays, though, I'm just cynical enough to do it. ;-) Any takers?


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