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Re: Owner of Illinois company pleads not guilty, accused of making millions from Medicare

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Feb 7, 2024, 4:20:03 PMFeb 7
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> It's Illinois. Homeland of that piece of shit Kenyan Obama. What
else would you expect?

The man accused of defrauding Medicare of millions only had one
statement after appearing in a Chicago federal courtroom Friday.

"You can talk to my attorney for now," Baqar Hussain Razv Syed said,
refusing to answer questions from WISN 12 News.

Syed, the owner of Luna Labs LLC, is charged with federal health
care fraud. If convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison
a judge told him Friday.

Federal court records show the scheme that 12 News Investigates has
been reporting for months. Here's how it works, prosecutors say
companies bill Medicare, using beneficiary's Medicare numbers for
test kits people never wanted and usually never received.

On Milwaukee's northwest side, Tom Nielsen received a Medicare
statement showing the government paid $94 to Luna Labs LLC. Nielsen
said he never received a test kit, and never requested one.

"They billed Medicare and Medicare paid it," Nielsen said.

"This is totally outrageous," Linda Kruszka told 12 News, after
realizing in September that she was caught in the scam.

12 News Investigates has interviewed and spoken to more than 50
people caught in the scheme. All received statements from Medicare
showing it paid COVID-19 testing companies from across the country,
Illinois, Texas, Florida and more.

Patricia Heard, like many others, found out about the scheme by
watching 12 News.

Federal prosecutors say Syed and Luna Labs received $31,474,228.80
in taxpayer money from Medicare in three months. The company billed
Medicare, records show, $69,832,800 in 349,164 claims for 2,793,312
COVID-19 test kits.

Syed and Luna Labs, prosecutors say, also billed Medicare for
COVID-19 test kits using the Medicare number of 744 dead people.

A trial is set for Oct. 28, 2024, though attorneys told the judge
they're in touch about a potential resolution instead of going to

If you have received COVID-19 test kits, or believe Medicare is
paying for test kits you didn't receive or want, email

To report fraud to CMS, click here. Center for Medicare and Medicaid
Services also suggests people call 800-MEDICARE (633-4227) to report

People who have fallen victim to fraud can also report it to the
state here.
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