Babylon 5 Filk Singers to Honor Joe

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Jul 11, 1994, 2:12:39 AM7/11/94


A group of filk singers out of Augusta, Georgia have put out their very
own book of Babylon 5 filk songs. It consists of 100 pages of cleverly i
written B5 filk. Featured tunes include "Ode to Babylon Joe" based upon the
classic "Ode to Billy Joe" pop hit. Another featured song is "Bablmaniacs"
based upon the cartoon "Animaniacs" theme.

The best of the bunch is the hiiarious "Babylonian Rhapsody" which is sung to
the tune of "Bohemian Rhapsody" which was recorded by the rock group Queen.
It contains actual quotes and references from characters and plots on
the show. Lyrics include the line "Mm-mimbari, mm-mimbari."
"I am Sinclair, let me go..."

To celebrate their new songbook, the Augusta group of Babylon 5 filk singers,
(who proudly call themselves the "Psi Co.") are currently in practice for a
special concert in honor of the show's producer J. Michael Straczynski.
Psi Co.'s coordinators, Dee Tillio and Nancy Filbee says:
"Frankely, we just want to show our great appreciation for the wonderful
works he has created. Thus we plan to be there at the next science fiction
convention that Mr. Straczynski attends - just to sing for him as much as
possible. It would be such an honor to present Joe with so many of these
great filk written in honor of his show. We say that all filk singers of the
world who love Babylon 5 "may someday be invited to join us to help create
the greatest filk experience that Joe "The Great Maker" will ever have in his

Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of the Psi Co. just may go awry. Rumor
has it that J. Michael Straczynski has suddenly gone into hiding for
reasons unknown. Letters and invitations from the Psi Co. have gone
unanswered and his upcoming appearances at many science fiction conventions
have suddenly been cancelled. Nancy "Nurse" Filbee is undaunted, however.
"I'll just send him lots of colored crayons as bribes. I'll let him know that
he is forgiven for the pencil sharpener incident." Ms. Filbee refused any
further comment on this alleged "incident".

She did theorize, however, that it's the reason that Mr. Straczynski
has not talked to her much, since the pencil sharpener, and
the crayons, and the deadline, and the crayons "and those
crickets that keep singing in my head doubly doubly doubly and..."

-This report courtesy of:
"Acme Bovine Scatology Inc."


And if you STILL think all this was true, I know an honest ex-con with
some real sweet "deals" on some luxury oceanfront property in the heartland
of Kansas... :)


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