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Dirk A. Loedding

Aug 14, 2002, 2:34:46 PM8/14/02

>There's some new DVD information available. See the last couple of
>messages in this issue for more details.

>JMS quotes and answers:

::: You guys do realize that *all* commentary work is 'free' right? jms
::: isn't doing anything out of the ordinary. It's an industry thing.
::JMS said it varied by studio. Do you know otherwise?
:Nope, although this is the first I've heard of it.

Yeah, actors in features often get it. And I'm told that some TV
shows have done so as well.

Anyway...old news now.

>How do cell phones still work in the Jeremiah timeframe???

The satellites are still in orbit, and still available to anyone with
the power to get to them.

And as for accessing them from inside the both cases, we
clearly see Markus (or Lee) plugging the phone (a smaller version of
the contemporary sat-phones) into a plug marked EXT. ANT. for exterior

So we covered that.

>Someone thanked JMS for his appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con:

You're welcome.

>JMS quotes and answers:

:It was fantastic to see you again Saturday at Comic-Con. The panel
:was fun. I wanted to ask you if you have lost weight since I saw you
:last at Westercon in '98, because you looked great! I almost didn't
:recognize you when you came out onstage.

It's funny, all during the convention, people kept asking if I'd lost one point, Peter David came up to me and said, "Joe! You
lost weight! But you're in luck, I found it for you!"

When I'm in the midst of a series, I do tend to run around a lot.
Moreso on Jeremiah than on previous shows because this is such an
outdoors show...lots of running around the countryside, up and down
hills, slogging through rain and mud and snow and yuck.

Also working a con takes a lot out of me; this weekend, as is usual, I
lost 5 pounds between when I arrived and when I left, just from sheer
running around, signing, the multiple panels (SDCC said I was the
hardest working con guest there this year with the most
panels/presentations)..I put a lot of effort into these things because
I'm always worried somebody will come all the way from across country
and not get his/her money's worth. I did a rough count and during the
signing alone on Saturday I think I signed something like 3,000
autographs in two hours, though I really had to slam through them all
to get it done and didn't have as much time as I'd've liked to chat.

>Congratulations on winning the Eisner!

Thanks...turns out it was the first time Spiderman has been nominated,
let alone winning. I was utterly convinced that it was gonna be
somebody else, probably Rucka, and twice had to fight the impulse to
leave because I was just totally exhausted. I figured, why stay since
there wasn't even a chance in hell of winning against such terrific
competition? But I wanted to be a good sport and a good loser, so i
stayed to the bitter end...almost three hours...and was wog-boggled
when John and I got the Eisner. Still can't quite believe it.

>JMS quotes and answers:

:Just wanted to congratulate you and the rest of the creative team on
:winning the Best Serialised Story Eisner for Amazing 30-35. I knew it
:was a wonderful story when I read it, but the fact that it has achieved
:such success at the Eisners when Marvel has been more or less absent
:from the nominations for many years makes it all the more important.

Thanks, it's a considerable honor.

:I still love the book and can't wait for more, including the new title
:(are there any firm plans on that yet?)

Just what I've heard, that the new Spidey title will start somewhere
in January or February, and the new secret project I'm doing for them
will be out sometime in the fall/winter.

>JMS quotes and answers:

:This hectic schedule you were on was why I felt bad about pestering
:you to visit the WETA guys. I knew they wanted to meet you, and I knew
:they were also very busy, but Daniel found the time to go to one of
:your panels. It was so funny to see how excited he was when you
:finally did turn up at the booth, and the fact that he brought his
:Gathering/In the Beginning DVD all the way from New Zealand made me
:realize that even though the WETA guys helped make a brilliant movie,
:they are just as much fan geeks as the rest of us.

Thanks for doing it, though. They'd really like to find something we
can do together, and I'm in the same boat, it'd be great to work on
something, so we'll see what we shall see. It'd be cool, since we're
both lovers of sagas, to see what we could come up with when we
combine resources.

(Ed. Note: WETA - Academy Award winning members of the WETA Workshop,
the New Zealand-based special effects company responsible for the
visual effects and make-up on New Line Cinema's THE LORD OF THE RINGS:

>Someone found a site that makes personalized action figures:
>and suggested getting one done of JMS:

As a writer, wouldn't this be the JMS no-action figure...?

>JMS quotes and answers in regards to something he spotted in "Cassut
>Files", a column in Sci-Fi Weekly:

:In it he states, "Showtime's vaguely post-apocalyptic Jeremiah, which
:has just squeaked into a second season." I am reporting the heck out
:of this bit of news and wondered if you were able to confirm this and
:make it more official. ;)

As I'd mentioned at ComicCon, MGM and Showtime are in negotiations but
there has not yet been a formal, official notification of renewal.
They still have to make the financial deal work.

>JMS quotes and answers in regards to this site, which contains a
>"vintage" picture of JMS:

:I had to do a double take. I initially thought this was picture of
:Sonny Bono. :-)

So...I take it you finally got around to making out that will....

>JMS quotes and answers, listing all his MSW credits:

:He not only wrote for the show, he was a co-producer credit for the
:8th season. The Internet Movie Database does not list the individual
:episodes he wrote, It lists two episodes each for the eighth and ninth
:season as being written by JMS, as well as the TV movie.

Just for the record, since this comes up from time to time and I've
never listed them all in one place, I think...the episodes of M,SW
that I wrote are:

Night Fears
Lines of Excellence
The Committee
Incident in Lot 7
To the End Will I Grapple With Thee

The Wind Around the Tower
Final Curtain
(I titled it that because it was to be my last M,SW script since I had
to leave mid-season to do B5.)

And the TV movie "A Story to Die For which was produced after the
series itself was finished.

>And now for the DVD news, reprinted in part from Joseph DeMartino's
>post to

Warner Bros. has released a Flash promo for the upcoming S1 set to
dealers. You'll find it here:

Key highlights:

- All-new digital widescreen transfers. (Enhanced for widescreen TVs)
- Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1
- Introduction and commentary on 2 key episodes by series creator J.
Michael Straczynski
- "BEHIND BABYLON 5" dossier of documentaries: "THE MAKING OF BABYLON
5" and "BACK TO BABYLON 5"
- Enter "THE WORLD OF BABYLON 5": Take a station tour and explore the
humans, aliens, political situations, scientific data tech files,
weaponry and hardware of this unique futuristic era.

Contrary to what some DVD retailers have listed, the set is *6* discs,
not 5. The episodes are listed in the original broadcast order

I wonder if JMS can provide any further details, now that this
official spec sheet is out? <g>

>JMS replies:

The disk has an on-camera introduction by me (despite my warnings that
this would undoubtedly drive down sales), a letter of introduction
each by me and Doug Netter, and the half-hour piece features new
interviews with Rick Biggs, Stephen Furst, me, Doug, efx maven Mitch
Suskin, makeup whiz John Vulich, and others.

They're tentatively targeting next April for season 2, and the
following November for season 3.

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