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Reeeva Saber Fails!

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Jul 12, 2022, 11:28:50 PM7/12/22

And that’s it… The Reva Force FX Lightsaber HasLab ended with a
resounding “thud”. Final backer number is 1,413, which is not even close
to the 5,000 people who were needed. That is the second failed Star Wars
Black Series HasLab in a row. Hasbro and Lucasfilm should do some deep
soul searching and evaluate the situation.

Why did the Black Series ever get these extremely lackluster HasLabs to
begin with? The Rancor looked merely “ok”, but not great, the tiers were
a bad joke (a cardboard backdrop, really? Repacked figures?) and Reva’s
lightsaber was dead in the water right from the start. Whoever thought
people might want that? Either Lucasfilm or Hasbro (or both) need a
reality check. Well, they got one for free now with a failed HasLab that
only convinced a little more than 1,400 people to back a Force FX
lightsaber for a brand new Star Wars character that is maybe not as
popular as Lucasfilm would like it.
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