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[NEWS] Star Wars toys dumped in Stourbridge garage fetch £250k

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Nov 6, 2020, 6:47:41 PM11/6/20

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Star Wars toys dumped in Stourbridge garage fetch £250k
A collection of vintage Star Wars toys found in bin bags
in a garage has fetched more than £250,000 at auction.

They and other toys were left to an elderly couple, from
Stourbridge, in their neighbour's will.

The couple were unaware of the value of the items, which
sold in total for £410,000, and had arranged for skips to
throw many of them away.

They were sold by Aston's Auctioneers in Dudley, West
Midlands, in its last sale before closing permanently.

Auctioneer Chris Aston said he did not expect the items
to fetch so much.

"The best piece was the vinyl cape Jawa, the guys from the
desert in the original Star Wars film," he said.

"Not many of these vinyl cape ones made it on to the
market, so to find one sealed on the card like the one in
this collection, we think there is only eight of them in
the world."

That item alone fetched £22,000.

The unnamed couple had invited Mr Aston to look at the
large number of toys and comics which belonged to Peter
Simpson, who left his house and its contents to his
neighbours when he died.

They had arranged for skips because they had no idea of
how valuable some of the items were, Mr Aston said.

He said they were "absolutely delighted".

"If you inherited a house, plus the furniture in the house,
you would think the house was the real money, but no,"
Mr Aston added.

"The stuff in the house made more than what the house is on
the market for."

"The first day I was there I found a rare Batman figure,"
he said.

"As soon as I found that, I thought 'well if that is in
there, there could be loads of gems', so I instructed them
to cancel the skips.

"It was our best sale ever in 15 years and also our last
ever auction as we are now closing the business permanently
having been badly affected by the lockdown earlier in the


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