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Treasures of the Hutts

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Mar 2, 2007, 12:30:24 PM3/2/07

Treasures of the Hutts: Online-Only Star Wars Auction

Biddin Now Available...

Toy Ships & Model Kits ~ Action Figures & Banks ~ Glasses & Mugs ~
Special Promotional & Membership Club Items ~ Artwork & Posters ~
Books, Comics, Magazines ~ Trading Card Sets ~ Linens, Bedsheets,
Apparel ~ Display Stands & Masks ~ Board Games ~ A Striking
of Movie & Expanded Universe Memorabilia ~ Something for Everyone!

Aumann Auctions proudly brings you a wonderful selection of toys and
memorabilia from the Star Wars saga, spectacular enough to be found
the secret treasure troves of the infamous hutts.

The treasure chests of this collection are overflowing with numerous
action figures and space craft in all types including mint conditions
in original boxes: the large AT-AT walkers, Tattoine skiffs, Slave
Ones, Millennium Falcons, A, B & X Wings, Imperial Shuttle, Tie
Fighters, Tie Interceptors, and Darth Vader?s Tie Fighter to name
a sliver of the selection. Action sets include the Death Star Space
Station, Jabba the Hutts Palace and Dungeon.

This treasure trove also includes a breath-taking array of literature
and memorabilia.

Here, you will find the toothbrushes, the glasses, the lunch boxes,
the posters, and the bed-sheets you remember from your youth. A
library of Star Wars fiction includes screenplays, comics, and
expanded tales of beloved characters such as Lando Calrissian and Han
Solo. Also present is a wonderful selection of Hamilton collectible
plates and mugs.

The Hutts? wealth is now opened to the public. Do not miss your
opportunity to bid on display posters, masks, attire, concept
board games, and just about every piece of wonderful memorabilia from
the dazzling world of the Star Wars epics.

It is an auction for every Jedi and Jawa. Simply something amazing
for everybody.

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