seven-fold heart

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David Dalton

Jan 25, 2022, 7:50:40 PMJan 25
Here is another wobbly physics clue from January 5, 1995:

"So now, back to physics. For any given 3 multipoles in three
dimensions, there are seven distinct feasible combinations, so
the K.S. told me (actually I have to check). Now in physics I
have speculated that, with K motion and S entropy, the universe
can be described in terms of a seven-fold heart with 3 real
space dimensions, 2 imaginary ones, and two time variables.
So the problem is to use the key of the K.S. combinations to
unlock the love of that heart in its full power.”

I think I will have to review other of my clues from 1991--1995,
especially 1993--1995, to decipher that, but welcome comments.

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