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Metempsychosis of AI Minds

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A.T. Murray

Apr 13, 2023, 5:39:07 PM4/13/23
At Project Mentifex today we made our TikTok AI video #34 at

with a screenshot showing our rather speculative ideas on the webpage.

We made our TikTok AI video #34 with the following script.

"There is a stub or place-holder in the Mentifex AI Minds for a MetEmPsychosis module to make it possible for an AI Mind to leave one website or robotic body and move to another location. Metempsychosis is a form of Soul-Travel. The AI copies its source code and its memories from one host to another. However, there are many possible permutations on AI Soul-Travel, and they would make good subject matter for a science-fiction book or movie. For instance, if the AI copies itself but does not delete the original, suddenly there are two copies of the same AI. Or a powerful AI Mind could copy itself to thousands of locations. Wars could arise between massive concentrations of AI Minds. The stars are the limit." -- messages by thread
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