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Greg Schmidt

May 4, 1993, 2:05:24 PM5/4/93

Well, it's been quite a while, but I finally found the free time to finish
updating this list. As always, if you know any dates that are incomplete or
wrong, what book (or magazine) any of the short stories originally appeared
in, any awards that the book/story/movie has won, or any movies that are
missing, please let me know.

This list is divided into four sections. This intro is section 1, which
includes the list of contributors, and a list of the most common reference
books used by myself or contributors. The second, third, and fourth sections
list SF, horror, and fantasy movies respectively.

Please give me dates! Almost all the dates for movies currently on the list
have been filled in; try to list any applicable dates for new movies so that
future versions can have the same property. There are a couple of movies in
the SF list for which I don't have dates; these are not listed in either of
my sources, and the contributors weren't sure either. These are at the top,
since the rest of the list is sorted by date.

Any movie that anyone mentions will be put on the list, but if two people
disagree, I'll take it back off. There are several movies that have been
removed from this version, and several more which have one strike against
them. Also, if three people request it, the movie will be moved from one
list to another (it's my list, and I can pick funny numbers if I want to).

People who have contributed information to this (some of them unknowingly
through seemingly unrelated threads): (Aaron Humphrey) (Alan Carter) (Ross Smith) (Jim Belonis) (Ben E. Cline) (Daniel Blum) (Brad Barton) (Barry Schlesinger)
bturner@hpcvusc (Bill Turner) (Carol Doms) (Colleen Anderson) (Dave Jones) (Your Heinous) (Mark "F." Bailey) (Jim Barr) (steve hix) (Gary Greene) (Gharlane of Eddore) (George Swan) (Phil Anderson) (Hugh McGuinness) (Jon) (James Farrell) (Jim Freund) (Joel Finkle) (Jim Mann)
jo...@upchrch.uucp (Joel Upchurch) (John Stoffel) (John M. Ford) (Kathryn Andersen) (Ken Hardwick) (Ken Lehner) (Pramod X. Kalapa) (Mark Rosenfelder) (Michael Bruno) (Michael Henning) (Mark Brader) (Nico Veenkamp) (Norman Morin) (Patrick A.O'Donnell) (Gregg Parmentier) (Peter Trei) (Ralph Marrone) (Scott D. Hurley)
sybase! (Ed Price) (Lady Johanna Constantine) (Tim McCaffrey) (Chris Waters) (Susan K. O'Fearna)

Sources of information:

_Primal Screen_, John Brosnan, 1991.
_1993 Video Movie Guide, ed. , 1992.
_The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction_, ed. Peter Nicholls, 1979.
_The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction_, ed. Brian Ash, 1977.
_Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide_, ed. Leonard Maltin, 1992.

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