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ConFrancisco - STEP BY STEP - Walking Distance Info

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Aug 13, 1993, 1:32:00 AM8/13/93
By Kevin Standlee

For some time now, people have been asking just how far apart the various main
ConFrancisco hotels are in relation to Moscone Center. We have given the
distances in blocks and in feet, but neither measurements have satisfied many
people. Therefore, I went down to San Francisco and walked from the Parc
Fifty Five hotel to the Moscone Center, then to the ANA Hotel, then returned
to the Parc Fifty Five, using what I think are the most-likely-to-be used
routes. I measured how many steps it was and kept a detailed record of each
street crossing.

I am 6'3" tall. I've not measured my stride exactly, but I'd guess it's about
a meter (just over three feet), so the measurements could probably be turned
into meters.

I also recorded my departure and arrival times at each site. Remember,
however, that my times include the delay at each street crossing where I took
the notes of how far I'd walked, so your time will probably be less.


At 10:35 am, I started at the south end of the Parc Fifty-Five, at the
automatic doors. I believe that people exiting from the hotel heading for
Moscone are most likely to use these doors. I headed straight out the doors
and diagonally right down Cyril Magnin St.

Steps Description/Directions

36 To crosswalk at Eddy & Cyril Magnin Streets. Cross Cyril Magnin St.
15 To cross Cyril Magnin St. You are now at the edge of the plaza which
includes the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround. Ahead and to the
right is Hallidie Plaza, which includes the BART and MUNI Metro
streetcar station and the San Francisco Visitor Information Center.
Cut through the cable car plaza. Bank of America's One Powell St.
branch will be on your left. There are ATMs here (Plus/Star/Cirrus),
and foreign exchange services are available inside.
105 To cross the plaza to the pedestrian traffic light at Market Street.
cross Market Street here.
17 To cross Market Street. Turn left (east) on Market. Market St. is
the main street of San Francisco.
205 To the corner of Market and Fourth Streets. If you are going to the
ANA, cross Fourth and continue straight ahead to Third, then turn right
and the ANA will be in front of you. However, we're headed to the
Moscone Center, so turn right (south) on Fourth Street. The SF
Marriott is on the opposite side of the street, and the Mosser
Victorian will be on your right.
195 To the corner of Fourth and Mission Streets. Turn left (east) and
cross Fourth Street here.
20 To cross Fourth Street. Turn right (south) and cross Mission Street.
20 To cross Mission Street. Continue straight ahead (south) on Fourth
Street. See the banners ahead and to your left? They're flying over
the Moscone Center.
195 To the corner of Fourth and Howard Streets. Turn left (east) on
Howard. The two halves of Moscone Center area ahead of you, with
an arch under construction connecting the two. There are signs that
say "Moscone Center NORTH" ahead of you. That's where the convention
is at.
150 To the center entrance of Moscone Center North. Con registration is
in the lobby. If you already have your badge, proceed to the
"re-entry" door, which will allow you to bypass registration and
go downstairs to the main convention hall. (Most of Moscone Center is
underground. The construction you see in the area is for the Yerba
Buena Center which will be on top of Moscone Center; unfortunately,
the Center won't open for a few months.

Arrival time including lots of stops to take notes: 10:53 am. Total steps
door-to-door: 968.


Start: 10:55 am at the center doors of the Moscone Center North. Turn left
(east) on Howard Street.

Steps Description/Directions.
147 To corner of Howard and Third Streets. Turn left (north) on Third
Street. Watch out for the construction.
190 To corner of Third and Mission Streets. Cross Mission.
20 To cross Mission. You can see the ANA Hotel ahead of you on the left.
90 To the main entrance of the ANA Hotel.

Arrival time including stops to take notes: 11:00 am. Total steps door-to-
door: 447


Start: 11:02 am at the main entrance to the ANA Hotel. Turn left (north) on
Third Street.

Steps Description/Directions
115 To corner of Third and Market Streets. Turn left (west) on Market
Street. Just ahead and to the left (25 steps) is Copy Central, a
copy shop which will be open during ConFrancisco, including Labor
Day. The shops hours are: M-Thu 7:30 am-10 pm; Fri 7:30 am-7 pm;
Sat 10 am-6 pm; Sun Noon-6 pm; Labor Day 10 am-6 pm. They have
Macintoshes and Mac laser printers available on a pay-for-time basis,
as well as copiers. On this trip, however, we're not stoping for
copies, so let's continue.
300 To the corner of Market and Fourth/Stockton/Ellis streets. Stockton
and Ellis merge at the corner of Market to the North, and Fourth
heads south from market. Turn right (north) and cross Market St.
20 To cross Market. Turn left (east) and walk over to the crossing of
Stockton/Ellis Streets.
12 To the Stockton/Ellis crossing. Cross Stockton/Ellis streets.
30 To cross Stockton/Ellis. You could continue straight ahead and
return to the cable car turnaround, but I'm going to walk up Ellis
Street instead. Head diagonally right (northwest) to the right of
the California Savings Buliding on Ellis.
65 To Ellis and Powell Streets. Cross Powell Street here, but watch
out for the cable cars!
8 To cross Powell Street. Continue straight ahead on Ellis.
70 To Ellis and Cyril Magnin Streets. On your way, you'll pass the
Monticello Inn.
16 To cross Cyril Magnin Street and you'll have the Parc
Fifty Five in front of you. You can enter by these stairs or turn
left and walk down to the front door. The Nikko is across Ellis St on
your right.
45 To the main entrance of the Parc Fifty Five.

Arrival time including stops to take notes: 11:20 am. Total steps door-to-
door: 681

General note: There is a lot of construction going on in these areas. At
certain places you may need to negotiate construction-related detours and
pedestrian walkways.

I hope you find this information useful.


John 'FuzzFace\Fast-Eddie' McMahon {use finger to get my PGP public key}

"Any networking problem can be solved by the application of 75 miles of
Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)" - InterOp Spring 1993

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