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Taxes, Holocausts and Racial Relationships

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Oct 15, 2012, 6:02:14 AM10/15/12
The experiences that a person has had can either give him credibility or reduce his credibility on any given issue. A person who's never had to pay a higher-income-bracket tax would not be able to say much to those in higher income bracket that want lower taxes. As someone who has been in higher income bracket and never had issues with having to pay Clinton-era higher-income-bracket tax, I am more credible in confronting those in the higher income bracket who don't want to pay their share.

The same is the case with racial relationships.

An Englishman, a German, or a multi-generation white American, would not be able to credibly tell people who had to endure persecution to stop hating the ethnic group that persecuted them. But I am Jewish; and Jewish people have had a long history of persecution. So when I say that I do not hate German people because the vast bulk of German people today were not around during the Holocaust, then that has the chance to influence black people to stop hating white people as well.

Really, it's about time. The slave trade ended a century and a half ago, and nobody who was alive then remains alive now. Vast efforts have been made, especially in America, to do away with racism and to help black people to succeed. America has a black President, and tens of millions of white people voted for him. Black hatred for white people is not only cliche. It has become completely unjustifiable.

Instead of wasting their time and energy hating white people, black people can do much better things for themselves by bettering their lot and each other's. Slavery is long gone; Jim Crow is long gone; and now black people do not have an excuse. They are in the driver's seat. They can make things happen. And what they do with that opportunity will determine how the world sees black people for generations to come.

Dec 19, 2012, 12:25:55 AM12/19/12
I honestly do not think there are many black people who waste their time in being racist to the majority which is the whites.
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